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Sometimes it is not so good to dream

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  • Sometimes it is not so good to dream

    I don't know who opened the door but everyone keeps telling me
    that there is no way to close it now. It's my journey they say
    and there is no going back. A man stands before me and he asks
    "are you an Indian"? I look at the ground and I reach in my pocket.
    I find a small piece of broken pottery among my spare change.
    I tell him I don't think so and I give him this shard with a fraction of myself carved into it. This is all I got. This is all they gave me 1/16.


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    Thats a really good poem, very deep, thank you for sharing it
    "As your children want to become doctors and lawyers, they may find it difficult. They may hear 'well, your parents were in a terrorist group/ We tell you that now, so you understand it. Tell your children to tell their children this [Wounded Knee 1973] was a very proud moment. Wear that history like a badge of honor. We will never, ever say we were sorry we did it." Dennis Banks, AIM

    "Everything that has ever happened to us is there to make us stronger." John Trudell


    You gotta say it right "Pahk tha cah in Havid yahd! "


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      hopefully more tomorrow

      Thanks. Maybe you'll write something when you feel like it.



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        dreaming cont'd

        The man hands me a card that says rejected,stamped in big black letters. I wonder what it is I have been rejected from. I keep walking. I hold my child's hand and when
        I look at his face I see his brown eyes and brown hair and I know that whatever anyone may say he is whole and perfect.



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          wow i wish i can write stuff like that!


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            Miss C Abatog,
            I think you could probably write something better.
            It is a learned skill. If you really desire to write
            you just need some time,inspiration and a little direction.

            happy writing



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