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  • Some more writing Hoopla

    It was the darkest hour of the evening on the coldest day of the year. The children sat silently in the darkest corner of the room.

    No stars were out that night. They wondered about the existence of people, they could not understand why the adults all wore blinders and turned away from the things the avoided facing.

    "Why do they not care?!!?" asked one.

    "They have forgotten that is all, they have forgotten about being here to protect the natural," another replied.

    Still another spoke up "They know not how to think of anything but themselves!"

    "But WHY!," the first child cried out with tears filling its eyes "why do they not see the suffering! Why do they not listen to the trees and the animals!"

    "Because!," the 3rd chimed in "Because they were told those voices were not real, they were told it was only their imaginations playing tricks upon them."

    The first child spoke forth in concern "Shall we too suffer this same fate with age and time? Shall we too grow to no longer hear the wind sing songs?"

    "I do not know, I would hope we do not, I hope that we might hold true to these things"

    But at that moment from a crack in the wall leaked in a powerfull light, Its traversed into the corner and the darkness that the childrens eyes had become so accustomed to was broken, their little eyelashes fluttered a bit and their pupils decreased in size. "What is it?," questioned the youngest.

    "Why it is hope," sung the breeze.

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