I am a lost bird and did not know you had a poem section I will post a few i use it to deal with my fathers illegal adoption leading to me also being a lost bird.

Goin home (Lost Birds)

Brothers and Sisters
Dance the dance
Sing the Songs
Beat the Drums and bring the birds home

Some are still lost
Lost on this road
Nowhere to turn and no where to go
We look ahead hoping to see
The warriors steps walked by there feet

Now we are tired and must rest
This journey is long and hard
Many have come and faced death
But still we march with hope on our mind
Our soul is growing for this is our grind

We are trying so hard
Just to get home
When we think we made the corner
It was just a spot in the road

But yet we march
With our brothers and sister at our side
More than 12,000 years of DNA to be our guide
We will make it this is what we do
Persevere through every storm with the Great spirit is how we get through

The wisdom of the elders lend a hand
To guide the young ones
For us birds do not know how to land
Lost for so long
Finally Our journey will soon close and we will be home