I have become lost upon this road
My head turns side to side everyday
As I look to the deepest part of my soul
The hurts I can no longer hide
It shows in my face and everyday life

I carry a large burden many do not know
The truth of who I am covered like snow
Does it get better this is what I ask
It seems to be wall after wall mirrors and glass

But what do we do when we get like this
I talk with the ancestors and remove myself from bliss
This road has been many times before
Although less travelled its a winner for sure

They walk then we walk this is how it is set
Our ancestors already know but why do we forget
We are being made to rise again
Soon Native American will mean all colors of skin

Dont be scared for they kill not the soul
Speak your peace let your words go
For the truth that we do hold
Its in our heart and is witness to our soul
We stand together on this day
No hurt no pains and this is not for play

Raise your head and do your dance
Many do not know the truth of our tracks
They have been made very long ago
When they lead us away from home on the road

But today they lead us back
Let go and dont hold on
We will rise again as a nation and live on
We are Native our indengenous ways we have not forgot
They have lead us 12000 years and more and will not stop.

May the Great Spirit Bless you

Take Care