Who are you with your claims
We bring truth
You bring pain
Still we go forth
With what is on our mind
You cast rocks and many souls cry

You have said dont worry about the past
So what about the wrong doing
Is it something that just dont last
Or maybe you dont care for you lost your way
Yet your words propel me forward to where I lay

I care not how you judge me
See with your words you are nigh
Your a wanderer but from where
You think your CDIB makes you special
Its just a bleep in this life
Even with it you forgot your way
Yet in spirit for you is who I pray

The old have grown weary
And many have drunk the new wine
But the Old is as sweet as the sun rise
Now is time that we all must rise
For truth and honor
For those that have long since died
Its a new day and soon many will realize

The truth never left
Its been in our heart since the sun rise
But then the ancestors said now is not the time
Things weigh heavy upon my spirit and soul
But this struggle was won many years ago

I came up in life very hard way
Fighting shooting selling drugs to play
Never expected my life to take a turn
But its written in stone what we must do
Be positive and walk with many to get through

Hand in Hand is what someone special told
Those words echo through my heart to the deepest of my soul
Lets all walk together for good times are ahead
We must have positive words for good change
Let it echo good from your heart to your brain

Dont worry about the world
Start with yourself
For if you love not
How can you tell someone else

This is who we are
This is what we are to do
Lets carry the Ancestors words forward
And transgress not the soul
For we are Native American
We have long had the directions on the Road