It's a journey that we all must take
Filled with ups and downs true friends and some fake
As we walk the road not knowing what might lie ahead
We have to make choices and use our head

We all are different somehow someway
But the journey of life will always be the same
Because the choices we make affect our life down the road
And at the end of the rainbow it will not be a pot of gold

My life is different filled with bad choices and mishaps
Running the streets selling drugs things that others talk about
It's been an amazing journey and I've learned a lot
I'm more humble and proud since I have left the block

But I know that my journey is not complete
I've changed my life and now am steady on my feet
The steel cage that once held me in
Makes me realize how great life really is

And now as I wonder on down that road
With the Great Spirit at my side I know which way to go
No longer in darkness or fears of doubt
This is the journey of life and what it's all about