Newer poem, very different from the last one I posted...

Fallen Angel

betrayed in my childhood
grieving an oath broken
afraid in the wild wood
a sheep in wolf's clothing

and not since infancy
did i slumber peacefully
sad thoughts swim a crimson sea
never does thunder cease to lull me

in the north i sought solace
to escape those who cursed me
returned to find home demolished
now at whoever's mercy

i knelt towards east and offered prayer
a plea for the least bit of sanity
father please, your daughter is scared
overwhelmed with calamity

faith's very first lesson
i had wandered south
in that hour of decision
i succumbed to doubt

sunset had caught my eye
following the west road
witnessed by every star in sky
i awake at the threshold

as a first in my whole life
feeling such peace and calm
so i was blinded by my strife
not seeing you with me all along