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Illusion of Justice

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  • Illusion of Justice

    Illusion of Justice

    Got no respect or trust,
    For the bullies with the nightstick.
    To serve and protect... my ***.
    More like - to beat and harass.

    Suburbanite lightskins may not understand,
    But some of us know first hand,
    After being handcuffed and beaten,
    For absolutely no reason.

    Processed as a criminal - yet committed no crime.
    Until my day in court - I'll be doin' time.
    Guilty till proven innocent.
    We call it a deadtime stint.

    Weeks later - sorry our mistake - you're free to go.
    The illusion of justice - a convincing magic show.
    My free lawyer works for the prosecutor,
    Acts like a wicked king's court jester.

    No money for bail?
    You're gonna rot in jail -
    But a paid holiday for a cop that shot a brown boy in the back.
    Threat of a lawsuit always makes them pigs laugh.

    And the hammer of justice,
    Pounds on the poorest subjects of this land,
    The illusion of justice,
    Sure is grand.

    LoneWolf Bunn © 02/02/2007

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    Red and Blue - Flashin' in the Rearview

    Red and blue,
    Flashin' in the rearview.
    Racially profiled - and the race is on.
    Pedal to the floor and I am gone.

    Those colours now twinkling in the distance,
    But they'll be back - closing in from every side,
    To process and finger-print this rebel prince.
    I'm no criminal - just guilty of stubborn pride.

    They call it the 'land of the free'.
    Is it really?
    One look and they profile and judge me.
    I put the pedal to the floor because I wasn't guilty,

    And I didn't have the money to prove it.
    Wasn't about to pay for a crime I didn't commit.
    Pedal to the floor because they profiled me on my race,
    And I profiled them - as a disgrace.

    LoneWolf Bunn © 02/02/2007


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