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  • Raven Girl

    This poem is a retelling of a Northwestern Raven Creation Story, it is told from a female Raven's point of view. I hope you like it :)

    Raven Girl

    Wings unfurled
    I stand at the ready
    waiting to see the sun.
    I cannot hear or feel
    the wind caress my face
    as the adrenaline rushes
    under my skin.

    Looking past the precipice
    to the void within.
    We Raven spirits dance light
    through the air but our
    descent is never sure...
    Of its end.

    I dive, with wind kissed face
    and wing extended, diving into space.
    Suddenly with a jerking strain
    my wings commence their climb;
    but mind and soul are lost
    amid the celestial bodies
    dotting the sky.

    My heart clamors to hear
    your voice, the strain continues
    to press against my brain
    as I fly past the Solar orb
    and release the world
    from the basket you weaved.

    The World is born
    and I am alone,
    the voice guiding me
    no longer calls.
    I cry and the oceans form...
    Will he answer? My lost love?
    Or will this place be mine...
    To keep?

    © JLM

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