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Have you ever been to a Pow wow?/I dance

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  • Stands Alone
    Originally posted by Cinkala View Post
    You think so?
    Yes I do!!!

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  • Cinkala
    Originally posted by Stands Alone View Post
    Good words in both!! You should put them all in a book
    You think so?

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  • Stands Alone
    Good words in both!! You should put them all in a book

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  • silvermoon2012
    No problem I love poetry. It gives almost as much freedom as dancing . I have been so sick I can't dance so I write. When you have no skin from your bell button to the knees Life becomes trying. So I love poetry I look forward to seeing you around the site.

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  • Cinkala
    Originally posted by silvermoon2012 View Post
    I like this good work.
    Thank you. Thank you for reading. :)

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  • Cinkala
    Originally posted by Itzhecatl View Post

    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you very much. Thank you for reading

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  • silvermoon2012
    I like this good work.

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  • Itzhecatl

    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Cinkala
    started a topic Have you ever been to a Pow wow?/I dance

    Have you ever been to a Pow wow?/I dance

    Copywrite 2012 (again thank you yaahl)

    Have you ever been to a Pow wow

    Have you ever been to a Pow wow?
    Seen all the Dancers dance?
    The colors, designs, the moves that fly
    Have you ever been to a Pow wow?

    See the Grass Dancers moving their fringe
    The Fancy Shawl like a butterfly in the wind
    The Traditional Dancers whose war cries send energy to the heart
    Every single Dancer has their part

    The Jingle Dress women who dance their dance
    You can feel the medicine they create
    To the Fancy Men with their flips and turns
    Every step, twirl, jump and shake

    To see an Elder smiling at what he sees
    To a Tiny Tot's first dance step
    To every dancer some controlled, some free
    You dance till there's nothing left

    At the end of a rockin crow hop
    My personal favorite
    You laugh till you cry, the feeling inside
    You do your best to savor it

    Have you ever been to a Pow wow?
    Seen Nation after Nation, Tribe after Tribe come together
    See the beautiful event that we have created?
    It's been said so many times in so many places, we are all truly related

    Have you ever been to a Pow wow?

    I Dance

    I dance for love
    I dance for joy
    I dance for prayer
    I dance for every girl and boy

    I dance for freedom
    I dance for ancestors
    I dance for those that can't

    I dance to help
    I dance to heal
    I dance to show
    There's more to feel

    More than hate
    More than anger
    That this world throws at us every day

    So many reasons to dance
    So many reasons to love
    To escape the world so cold

    To dance with the ones
    The ones who came before us
    To get in touch with the ones of old

    To feel joy that is scarce in this age
    To change your life, to turn the page
    To start again, to start anew
    This is one of many things dancing can do

    Energy, healing, pain forgotten
    In that circle there is love
    Your scars attained through the years
    Can be taken care of, can wipe away tears

    If you can not dance on your own
    I'll help you up, help you stand
    Your arm on or around my shoulder
    Or your hand in my hand

    But if there is just no way
    Then take me by the arm and say
    You can do what I can't do
    I'll respond “it'll be my honor to dance for you”

    I dance for ancestors, my people, I hear the call
    To dance not just for myself
    To dance for all

    Disclaimer. I hope I do not offend anyone with my writing. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    You young guys out there have so many more choices nowadays. Why straight dance?
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    I was looking for traditional Lenape clothing for a male. Thanks.

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