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    How can I love when I want to hate
    How can I say I love you when it is too late
    Have you ever thought about the consequences by the bad things you did
    to me

    I see, i see
    you are the seed of greed
    you have no dignity you have no life
    just this constant strive for more
    to feed your empty brain
    to feed your empty heart
    to feed your empty soul

    you are that ghoul
    that snatches the soul
    of those who love
    you have no mercy you have no grace
    you say you hate to hurt right into the face

    you ride on true love that others give to you
    you say you are bad, so it's true
    you planned it all in ahead
    that kind of hellish dance
    with love you say
    and there is no way for you to go
    until you know - until you know
    what life is all about

    you scream and shout
    to show off what you have got
    and that
    impresses me not
    you are bad so you said
    go away - that I say
    leave me alone and dwell on your throne
    all by yourself, all alone and no one to love
    not a tone comes over my lips until you realize...

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