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Ode to the Ancient Ones

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  • Atehequa
    Originally posted by White Powwow Dancer View Post
    Very Nice!!
    Greetings and thanks White Powwow Dancer. I've more of my writings over at Old Elm Tree.

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  • White Powwow Dancer
    Very Nice!!

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  • Atehequa
    started a topic Ode to the Ancient Ones

    Ode to the Ancient Ones

    Suddenly spring is upon me
    Forest and meadows awash in green
    Leafy boughs shade sleeping deer
    Alone in the wilds, yet not unseen
    By the many chirping songbirds I hear
    Spring has arrived early this year

    Ospreys fishing and building nests
    Sharing the creek with herons and egrets
    An eagle perched high in a dead pine
    While orb weavers spin sticky silvery nets
    Blooming dogwoods, a definite sign
    Spring has arrived ahead of time

    Blue tail skink gobbling up black ants
    Upon the grey bark of an old oak tree
    Paying no mind to the flicker’s pecking
    And the lizard eating king snake I see
    Coal black scales and slight white speckling
    Much to behold while backwoods trekking

    Ever eroding, an old clay bank
    High above the creek’s tidal flow
    Ancient shards of pottery washed out
    Traces of the old ones still buried below
    I wonder how their departure came about
    Leaving not but traces in a scattered amount

    An ancient midden of oyster shells
    Brought up over time by spreading roots
    From the size of these shells, they ate well
    Having also corn, venison, fish and wild fruits
    An efficient culture, how did they fail ?
    Old shards and shells, not much to tell

    Thousands of small sharp stone flakes
    Knapped from projectile points and tools
    Living in a more simpler and abundant time
    Than these self destructive modern fools
    Long ago when humanity was in it’s prime
    My ode to the ancient ones in this rhyme

    From early last April, 2012

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