Ominous dark clouds and periods of heavy rain
Storm season begins with a tornado watch for the south
Below the broad James River and up to it’s wide mouth
Water, rain, a giver of life, having the living to sustain
So much for one to behold even on a dark stormy day
Spring finally announcing it’s arrival in various ways

Upon a high bank overlooking Taskinas Creek
An opening in the laurel providing just enough room
For a few old gnarled dogwoods swiftly to bud and bloom
Beautiful locations discovered and always more to seek
All along this meandering creek quite a spectacular scene
Both densely wooded banks suddenly awash in green

Here most every year giving thanks to the mother
New life and old growth with the coming of Spring
Ready to revel in this fine season and all it will bring
Joyfully put into words and then described to another
Today I happily gazed out at the wild green distance
Upon this high bank, quite content in my insouciance

Wind, swaying boughs, undulations of tall marsh grass
The regional weather conditions associated with this season
Then there are ways Mother Nature transcends practical reason
As far as I know sometime before evening this storm will pass
With the storm’s passing I have a few other places to go
Sunlight reflecting upon wet leaves, a weird green glow