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  • My Loving Arms

    When I first saw your tiny face
    Your little body I so embraced
    Your tiny hands your little feet
    You looked so small in that big sheet
    Your little grin your tiny cap
    Your precious yawn before your nap
    Your baby smell with skin so soft
    That tiny diaper almost slipped off
    I promised to keep you safe from harm
    And always protect you in my loving arms

    But as you grew, our lives did change
    And once again, our world rearranged
    Such a tragic loss this was our fate
    To continue my life without a mate
    My heart was crushed, but I kept a smile
    To hide my pain from you my child
    Though hard to breathe like heavy lead
    For you my child, I will push ahead
    I promised to keep you safe from harm
    And always protect you in my loving arms

    Then once again another trial
    And again, for you, I tried hard to smile
    When I first heard of your disease
    I nearly collapsed on weakened knees
    So, you’ll never know the pain I hide
    I cried hard for you, deep down inside
    With all my soul, “I’ll beg and plead”
    My heart again torn, I cried “Why me”
    I promised to keep you safe from harm
    To always protect you in my loving arms

    What have we done to deserve this fate?
    I have already lost my true soul mate
    But to lose my child, so cute and bright
    To take from me now, is just not right
    Please do not take my child away
    I’m begging you, “Please let my baby stay”
    I know you can keep her safe from harm
    Please don’t take her from my loving arms
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        Cancer is a deadly dancer
        dances from one to another
        it killed so many and my mother

        Now I am it's target too
        what can I do?
        But worse than that is

        having no family nor friends in real who'd care
        this is too much for me to bear

        I won't cry as it would not help in any way
        Day by day I am learning anew how gruesome fear
        of lonesome life is holding me in it's grip to say

        I'm gonna go, have no passion for poetry
        I like clothes and fashion if I may

        wishing you all have an easy and lovely day


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          my mother also died of a cancer, it was and still is for me trauma of
          Codziennie budzę się piękniejsza, ale dziś to już chyba przesadziłam

          What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity


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                My father passed away from brain cancer. He was cancer free for 6 years and then he noticed that there was something wrong. This was back in 2003.

                I miss my dad all the time.

                Did you know that the state of Oklahoma when increasing the taxes on cigarettes, put a provision in the law that the money acquired from the taxation be used for cancer research in Oklahoma. The money stays here.

                In 2014, and I cried about this though I am happy for others but I still cried, they found a new way to combat the type of cancer my father had.

                My father's cancer was inoperable due to the location in the brain.
                You will never understand the introverted nerd in me...and that's okay.


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