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    Feelings allowed for the time being
    Feelings forbidden for more than just those days
    A happy day, a happy time but jealousy seems to be a crime

    A man who says yes but no to more
    A good heart a good soul a good woman a good goal
    Everything seems right and wrong in this very sad song

    I always make it a happy tune
    My little bit of jealousy came too soon
    What's wrong wanting to show how I feel

    A few moments every now and then, that's the deal
    A compromise for a paradise
    He doesn't care how I feel

    And yet I can't let go of his positive show of love
    Which isn't quite the expected way by others
    If we just were brothers would it be easier?

    But I am a woman and he's a man
    He will never commit fully and then?
    I am not a female bully - so what is wrong?

    Me singing a sad song after a great time
    Which ruined my day because he called
    Letting me know he isn't fully mine

    Because I showed a bit of jealousy
    When his and this girl's eyes were their destiny
    For a moment in time he felt that I went too far

    So he called me up to say how bad this girl must have felt
    When I said something out loud - which I felt in my heart
    Only yesterday he said he was afraid of losing me

    What should I feel - what should I see?
    A wonderful day and some more to come
    But I don't understand the story - that's no fun.

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