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    In a dream so vivid with images so clear
    Infinite crystal ships leaving countless empty piers
    These tall ships of glass, all headed out to sea
    On one deck was a mysterious figure, looking back at me
    The words that it spoke was a whisper too weak
    I tried very hard to listen yet no louder it would speak
    I reached out my hand but it was no longer there
    Like a vapor of mist it had simply disappeared
    As this endless fleet of ships, slowly drifted on by
    Like shimmering diamonds, reflecting against the sky
    A myriad of glistening ships in a massive funeral pass
    A very impressive spectrum of brilliant crystal glass
    Aboard each of these ships were limitless crystal carts
    Each carrying the shattered pieces of some ones broken heart
    Each carts would sparkled with the brilliants of deep crimson red
    From the millions of broken hearts that believed their love was dead
    These tall ships of Crystal, carrying memories turned into glass
    All essence of shattered figures, from deep within our past
    Lingering painful memories that are sometimes hard to erase
    But we had a choice, would we not leave a trace?
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