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    Through eagle's eyes I view below
    Mountain tops with their coats of snow.

    In seas of blue the creatures glide
    Has hidden life that dart and streak.

    With waterfalls and white bleached sand
    Endless wonders all fill this land.

    The rivers twist and pavement roams
    Carrying traveller's far from home.

    Meadows sweet filled with buds and grass
    Welcome refuge from life to fast.

    Lightening's torch ignite trees so tall
    Hurricane's wind cause towns to fall.

    Torrential rains and floods that bash
    Nature's way to take out our trash.

    Man may wonder how to command
    Bounty or place upon this land.

    But to eagles who fly up high
    All are God's gifts free for the eyes.
    An expert is someone who has succeeded in
    making decisions and judgments simpler through knowing what to pay attention to
    and what to ignore.

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    Very nice writing.
    Asema Is Sacred
    Traditional Use, Not Misuse
    Wakan Tanka please have compassion on me.
    OK Niji we are running a train with red over yellow at this powwow.


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