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  • Your Life on hold

    So you truly believed, you had found the perfect mate
    Honest, caring and loving without any hate
    You gave up your life your heart and your soul
    Your love was so deep; you put your entire life on hold
    You trusted every word that they ever spoke to you
    You’d love them forever and they’d always take care of you
    Though time does pass, you will truly never know
    If your perfect mate, has a dark side that will show
    You set aside your own life, to follow their dreams
    But you were happily living, in a fairy tale, it seems
    This now, one sided life with painful words they have shown
    That hurt you so deep, how could you have known
    Your world now crashed down and your life is in such a mess
    With nowhere to turn, you keep trying to do your best
    You should never have put your whole life into their hands
    Because now you are lost without any plans
    But time will slowly heal, these pains deep inside
    The feel of betrayal will one day subside
    So keep strong in your spirit and keep carrying on
    Soon you will have a much better life, long after they are gone
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