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The Sun Shines on Cloudy Days

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  • The Sun Shines on Cloudy Days

    The sun shines all the time
    In the heavens above.
    I can't see it when my eyes are closed
    When I dream of places I have never been.

    But I know that the sun shines on cloudy days.

    I look outside and I frown,
    I wander around this big empty house, looking at memories
    Years have passed, I miss my babies, how they have grown.
    My eyes may glisten with unshed tears,
    But I also smile, because the memories are good ones.

    Just like I know the sun shines on cloudy days.

    I started dreaming again.
    Crazy, after all this time.
    After letting all the hurt go, the pain, the stress
    The dreams have come back.
    I can see those around me.
    It makes me smile. It makes me dance
    and I can't dance for shyt, but I dance anyway
    It makes me sing, and I have no voice for it, but I do it anyway
    Because it's there, within me, like the sun.

    Just like the sun that shines thru on cloudy days.

    I'm glad. I'm glad that I know that the sun shines on cloudy days.
    You will never understand the introverted nerd in me...and that's okay.

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    Don't forget the the sun shines even at night.


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