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When i pray

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  • Clarc_Sina
    Just have faith <3

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  • xTekno
    When I pray

    Like George Thorogood and the Destroyer lyrics:

    I pray alone, yeah
    With nobody else
    I pray alone, yeah
    With nobody else
    You know when I pray alone
    I prefer to be by myself

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  • jamie1980
    Take it

    Originally posted by C&HBrownsugar View Post
    I like title so much. I may steal it.
    take it it's my gift to you. Merry Christmas my dear sister.

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  • C&HBrownsugar
    I like title so much. I may steal it.

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  • jamie1980
    started a topic When i pray

    When i pray

    When I pray I'm silent.when I pray I'm happy.when I pray I'm high as a bird. With a natrol hi. I feel my fathers spirit around me. When I pray I'm filled with love and joy. You say it takes a lot for a man to cry try praying with totol love. You will be so filled with his love that you will cry. Cry tiers of happynes. Go goforth with all you have. Put . it on the line. The eagle has your message.your prayer is done. Now to jot it down or not? Is the question.

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  • Grits & Beans
    in love i make this fervent supplication
    by Grits & Beans
    when i speak of you,
    i am speaking of someone
    i know very well.

    in love i make this fervent supplication,
    believe me when i say i know you.
    you are a love that is not for hire.

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    i feel you,
    i hear you,
    yes even...
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