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  • Ndn8tive
    started a topic Painting with words

    Painting with words

    If you open your mind and the feelings of your heart
    A true vision of your beliefs can be turned into art
    Emotions are the brushes that are inspired by your mind
    As the canvas of your life, your essence will entwine
    A portrait with brilliant colors emitted from your soul
    Imprinting clear images that would never be told
    If you recall a happy memory of a distant past
    A clear and accurate picture will then be forecast
    As the beauty of your inner visions we’ll all clearly see
    All the Colors of your dreams your mind had set free
    But an unclear blurry image your canvas will reveal
    If your thoughts and your pains are so well concealed
    So open your mind and paint with colors of your soul
    And the essence of your inner beauty to all will unfold
    Paint a living portrait with words you can feel
    Illustrate the essence your heart knows is real
    Your knowledge and true beliefs without any strife
    Paints a picture of love and the Understanding of life
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