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    Posted by biggurlbrain

    She liked the feel of the wind flowing around her. The sound of singing barely audible over the sounds her pony made moving over the trail. She was proud of her ride, and had made sure to decorate the pony stylishly with ribbons and tinkling things. It was a gloriously hot and bright day. It was a wonderful day to travel. She and her two sons had started out early, they rode beside her. They traveled in a westward direction and her left side felt the heat. They had covered a lot of ground already, and were almost at the gathering. From time to time other people from their tribe would overtake them, and they in turn would overtake others.

    She had made sure that the boys had jumped in the lake before leaving their camp. They were also dressed in their finest clothes. Somehow their efforts had not lasted too long. She thought to wash their faces. She had taken the time to tie her hair neatly, and to apply the colored powders to her face before leaving. She felt fantastic about herself. She thought again about the load she towed behind her pony. Did she bring everything that she needed?

    Finally around sundown she saw the camp before she heard it. Then she smelt the wood fires, and could finally hear the sound of people talking and singing. She was joyous.

    She slowed down at the gate, security made her pop the trunk of her Mustang. The only thing back there was their outfits. She turned down her stereo because she always drove with her windows down and that necessitated cranking the sound up. Her rearview mirror medallion, protection ribbons, and braid of sweetgrass swung slowly while she drove around through the camp. The key-tag collection she hung from the ceiling tinkled lightly. She was happy that she had applied sunscreen to her left arm because it was already two shades darker than her right. Her boys undid their seatbelts anticipating their eventual stop. Hey, there was that lead foot, Bobby T. He must have been going 130 when he passed them. This made her wonder how long it would be before old Jack B. would arrive. He never drove faster than 50 klicks.

    Her boys looked perpetually dusty. They would just have to jump in the tub again when they got back home. Until then she wondered where she had packed the ‘Wet Ones’. She stopped at her sister’s camp. She looked at her hair and makeup in the rearview mirror then she got out. Damn she was hot! Powwow bunny extraordinaire! She would make first grand entry with plenty of time to spare too.

    There was always something about going to, and arriving at any given powwow that made her feel that she belonged to something that was ancient and powerful.
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