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    I have a set of modern Iktomi stories I have written, enjoy.

    Iktomi and broken pipe

    A young man was surfing the internet one day and he read about NDN pipes and Sweat Lodges. He thought, oh this is cool. So he read up on it for an entire week, by this time he figured that he had spent enough time to be an expert.

    He then searched around and got of hold of some pipestone from a local new age dealer and some stones and he figured he was ready for the sweat lodge. So he carved out a pipe but the pipestone split in half. He was upset but decided to superglue it together.
    So he got some willow and built up a lodge, got things ready and began his big quest.

    Well, eventually he got enough attention to draw a few spirits and even Iktomi heard the strange racket.

    The other spirits were there trying to figure what the guy wanted and were about ready to call one of the evil spirits to teach this guy a lesson when Iktomi showed up. "What's happening", he asked the others. "That's what we were thinking, this guy is doing some strange things, we were going to call a spirit to give him a good scare", they replied.

    Iktomi thought about this for a moment, he was in some trouble with those spirits and was afraid he might meet up with them. Then Iktomi had a brilliant idea, he could talk this guy into gifting him some food and then he would later scare him for the others.

    "Don't bother them, I want to play this guy a little and give him a good scare"., he replied.

    "Ok, that will do fine for us", the other spirits replied and they took off.

    So Iktomi started drumming and touching the guy and slowly making his presence known.

    Iktomi noticed that the scent from the pipe was strange and there was a split in it. Since Iktomi keeps up with technology, he realized that this pipe have been glued with super glue.

    "Is someone there?", the young man replied.

    Iktomi answered, "Yes, we are Glue-ons. We are the sacred spirits that hold things together."

    The young man was very excited, this was his first encounter.

    This went on and on, the guy even asked them for an NDN name and this was the where Iktomi was ready to make his move.

    "We can give you a name, but first you must leave us a food gift.", Iktomi replied.

    The young man had heard about this, he was johnny on the spot ready, He had sweetgrass, tobacco, sage, cedar, even some fried chicken if needed. This made Iktomi very excited, so Iktomi was getting ready to eat and think of a name for the young man but suddenly some strange noise came forth.
    There was a strong wind and the room started to get cold. Some other spirits were coming.

    Iktomi was worried that he was going to be in trouble so he turned into a stone among the other stones. The other stones saw what Iktomi was doing and they were angry.

    The other spirits came in and spoke, "We are the Gluons, we have heard your request".
    The young man was excited but the lodge was getting cold, so he grabbed the tongs and got another stone and poured some water and then he picked up the stone that was Iktomi and set it in the fire.
    Iktomi screamed terribly and knocked over many things and it set the lodge on fire and this in turn scared the young man out of his wits as he quickly fled the scene. Iktomi forgot to change back from a stone and broke through several windows on his way out.
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    Iktomi and the hovercraft - By Daniel Bingamon

    Back in 1947, Iktomi was wandering through the Desert in New Mexico. He was bored to death,
    nothing to do, wanted to have some fun. Watching planes fly through the air, he thought that it
    would really be fun flying. Walking a little further, he came across an old junk yard. Some old car
    parts, trash can lids, a toaster, a vacuum cleaner, tinfoil and some balloons. Iktomi was really
    good at technology so he decided to take the parts and tools that he found into the desert and
    make a flying machine.

    With the parts that he had, he decided to make a hovercraft, one that could fly really fast. He did
    it alright but there was a problem. There weren't enough parts for him operate the whole vehicle,
    he would need some help. He sighted small colony of ants nearby and decided to employ them.
    They were too small so Iktomi made them bigger and have human hands to operate the controls.

    Now it was time, Iktomi started the engine and told the ants what to do. The craft came off the
    ground making strange noises and Iktomi had fashioned headlights on it in the four directions
    so that he could go in any direction instantly.
    They began racing the vehicle through the desert, blowing strange patterns in the sand and
    he enjoyed going really fast. Coming up on the town of Roswell, Iktomi was getting crazy
    about the speed, faster and faster. Ants were getting a bit tired of the ordeal, finally a missed
    turned and the vehicle crash landed. Iktomi managed to disappear and bail out before the crash
    happened but the ants didn't do so well. In a short time, while Iktomi was hiding, humans
    arrived at the crash site. Later military people arrived , they were stunned to see these large
    strange antlike people and decided that they must be outer space. Iktomi had a good time
    raiding lunches from the all the visitors at the crash site that day. Once in a great while,
    Iktomi decides to have another hovercraft ride, so whenever you see these giant ant people
    you'll know that Iktomi is somewhere near.
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      This one is for you science fiction buffs.
      Iktomi's Space Adventure

      One day Iktomi was exploring in Europe when he came across the European Space Agency.
      With his great curiosity, he decided to see what was going on. Outside the building was a tall
      cylindrical object pointing towards the sky and all the wasicu's were counting and watching this tall
      object. Iktomi decided to investigate, so he made himself invisible and passed through the door.

      Inside were all kinds of interesting controls, "Mars Lander" written in letters on a plaque.
      Well, let's go to Mars he thought without any thought about how to get back.

      Seconds later, the ship takes off and Iktomi's long trip takes place. The flight was quite boring and
      Iktomi found very little to eat on the ship with exception of a few organic materials for experiments.

      Finally Iktomi lands on Mars, a dismal rocky place with nothing to eat. "Hin, hin, I should have
      thought this out more". After a long walk Iktomi finds some little rovers, a few modifications and
      he's riding on Mars. The folks at the space center are extremely perplexed, experiments going
      wrong, buttons being pushed and now a Mars rover is running all over the surface of Mars like it
      was possessed. What will happen next.
      Then suddenly a strange blue box marked "Police Box" appears on Mars. "Hello fellow, I'm The
      Doctor, what are you doing here? You're interfering with history on Earth". Iktomi asks, "What
      are you doing in my story - you're out of place here". The Doctor is unable to answer and Iktomi
      explains his situation and so they get in the box and leave Mars.

      This Doctor shows Iktomi how to operate his craft (a big mistake) and Iktomi gives this doctor
      the ride of his life. The controls inadverently set on 1965 and suddenly the Doctors box
      appears at a power plant in New York. The Doctor throws Iktomi out of his box and Iktomi throws
      a wrench at the Doctor and it misses and strikes a power relay. The Doctor's box disappears and
      moments later Iktomi is standing in the dark. Outside the building, lights are going out, cities are
      going out. Iktomi quietly left the area and no one ever figured out what tripped the power relay
      that put the lights out in New York City.

      There was a little problem, Iktomi from 2007 was now living in 1965, eventually he will meet
      himself and there is no telling what kind problems that could cause.
      Native Flutes from
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