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A Quirky Coyote Story

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  • A Quirky Coyote Story

    I've been doodling around with this one for awhile.
    I finally decided I wasn't going to get it out of my head until I wrote it down.
    So, 'hope you enjoy.

    Rabbit was walking around one day, when he came across Coyote.
    Coyote was stirring somthing in a pot over a fire.
    Rabbit sat down a bit away from him, and said "What are you doing, Coyotl?" (Nahuatl for "Coyote")
    "I've got a great idea!" said Coyote, adding various things to the pot.
    Rabbit scratched an ear.
    "Didn't you learn anything from the last "great idea" that you had?" he asked.
    "Shut up!" said Coyote.
    "This potion will make me irrisistible to all females!" Coyote said.
    Rabbit rolled his eyes.
    "If you want to be attractive to females, you might consider taking a bath once in awhile." he said to
    "Where did you get this recipe, anyway?".
    "I got it from Fox." Coyote said.
    Rabbit rolled his eyes again.
    "Riiiight. Because we all know how trust-worthy Fox is." Rabbit said.
    "Not that I'm one to talk.", Rabbit thought.
    Coyote ignored him, and threw some more powder into the pot.
    Just then, Spider walked up, and stood next to Rabbit.
    "Hey, Geestu (Cherokee for "Rabbit"), what's up, dude?" he asked Rabbit.
    "Hey Iktomi " (Sioux for "Spider"). Coyote says he's making a potion that will make him irrisistible to females." said Rabbit.
    Spider rolled his eyes.
    "He never learns, does he?", Spider said.
    "Nope." said Rabbit, "I blame a dysfunctional childhood."
    "Are you talking about his, or yours?" Spider asked, grinning.
    Rabbit glared at him.
    Spider didn't even notice.
    "Where do you think he comes up with all these crazy ideas all the time?" Spider asked.
    "How should I know. You're the one who hangs out with him all the time." Rabbit replied.
    Spider shrugged.
    "I'll bet you a bag of tobbaco that he burns himself." said Spider.
    "I'll bet you two bags of tobbaco, that he turns
    himself into a woman." said Rabbit, laughing.
    "You're on!" said Spider.
    They sat down to watch Coyote while they waited for him to finnish making the potion.
    Rabbit decided to pass the time chatting...
    "By the way, I heard you got married recently Spider. Why'd you go and do a crazy thing like that?" he asked.
    "Because she's got great legs." said Spider.
    "Eight of them as a matter of fact." he added with a wink.
    Rabbit rolled his eyes and shook his head.
    "Getting married is the stupidist idea you've had, since the time you decided to make fun of Hawk while he was giving you a ride.
    And then getting stuck in that hollow tree when he dropped you. I really can't blame him." said Rabbit, laughing.
    "Help. I've fallen...and I can't get up!" he said, mocking Spider.
    Spider didn't think it was very funny.
    "I'm not the one who was stupid enough to get tricked into using his own tail to go ice-fishing!" Spider said.
    If Bear hadn't come along and pulled you off that ice when he did, you would have lost a lot more than just your tail." said Spider, smirking.
    "I was just a stupid kid at the time. How was I supposed to know what a twisted sense of humor Coyote had?" said
    Rabbit; looking angry and embarrased at the same time.
    Spider nodded.
    "Kids do incredibly stupid things. Yet another reason why I shall never have any." said Spider.
    "Really? I thought it was because you were sterile."said Rabbit, grinning.
    "WHY YOU!..." Spider shouted, getting ready to lay the smackdown on Rabbit.
    Suddenly they heard a very loud explosion from Coyote's direction.
    Rabbit and Spider emmeadiatly looked up.
    When the smoke cleared, Coyote was laying flat on on his back, coughing, and covered from head to toe in soot.
    Rabbit and Spider doubled over with laughter.
    When they finally caught their breath, Rabbit looked at Coyote and said...
    "Well, that's what happens when you practice unsafe hex."
    Last edited by Bodica; 05-04-2009, 12:57 AM.
    I'm not responsible for my actions, I just do what the voices tell me to do.

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    Originally posted by Bodica View Post
    "Well,that's what happens when you practice unsafe hex."

    Awesome Writings Bodica!!!! It had me giggling it up.
    MOre More More!!!!


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      Originally posted by Asmajol View Post

      Awesome Writings Bodica!!!! It had me giggling it up.
      MOre More More!!!!

      Thanks so much!
      I was a little bit worried about it offending people.
      This version's a tad differen't from the orrigional version.
      That one was more for the PG-13 crowd.
      If you want, I'll PM it to you.
      I'm not responsible for my actions, I just do what the voices tell me to do.


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