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  • Time for a new short story

    Ja, ich könnte momentan alles besser auf deutsch schreiben, aber dies ist nunmal kein deutsches Forum und english speaking people would not understand unless they use a real good translation program. Hm... so...

    Destiny, fact of nature. Mislead by humans, but humans are part of nature. Since I feel to be forced to be a solitaire I speak of my own views.

    And now I am kinda fed up with a world that fullfills the needs of the rich people solely.

    Being honest, upright and sincere does not count. Bad minds always find ways to prove you wrong.

    How do friends get chosen in later life? Let's say like 50+ years of age in white man's world or better say in german world. I don't know they all got their long time social groups friends.

    And then there are organisations to help joining people of same life standards, sorry, huh? I feel best when I can join with people of all sorts of backgrounds no matter of rich or poor or black, red or green,
    as long as there is some like minded understanding.

    Okay, shoving of what I wrote so far....

    On our way, we = Dakota full blood NDN husband and me, to San Carlos Apache Rez. there was lots of wild country at least to my understanding of wilderness - - anyway on the way there, I`ve seen a cougar or whatever animal it was in the mountains standing there. Tiny in view but I noticede him and that is what I call a great experience.

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    Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a dense forest, there lived a young boy named Jack. He was an orphan, and had grown up alone in the forest, with only the animals for company. Despite his lonely upbringing, Jack was a kind and curious boy, and he loved to explore the forest and discover its many secrets.

    One day, while wandering deep in the forest, Jack stumbled upon a clearing he had never seen before. In the center of the clearing stood a large, ancient tree, its trunk so wide that it would take several people to encircle it. As Jack approached the tree, he noticed that there was a small door carved into its trunk. Without hesitation, Jack opened the door and stepped inside.

    To his surprise, he found himself in a warm and cozy room, lit by a soft, golden light. The room was filled with books and maps, and a small fire crackled in the hearth. An old man with a long white beard sat in a rocking chair, reading a book. He looked up as Jack entered, and welcomed him with a smile.

    The old man introduced himself as the guardian of the tree, and explained that the tree was a magical one, with the power to grant wishes to those who entered it. Jack was overjoyed, and asked the old man what his greatest wish was. The old man told Jack that he had been living alone in the tree for many years, and his greatest wish was to have someone to share his knowledge and adventures with.

    Without hesitation, Jack declared that he would be the old man's companion and apprentice, and together they explored the forest, learning its secrets and discovering new wonders. They became the best of friends, and they lived happily ever after in the magical tree.

    The end.


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