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    “Wife Swap” is an exciting new series that celebrates the modern American family.

    Each episode involves two families and a fun twist: one parent from each household swaps places for ten days to experience how other families run their lives.

    If you are a Native American family, intellectually active, two-parent family with kids, and would love an adventure call us on 1-212-404-1469 or email:
    [email protected]

    The premise of Wife Swap, which generated a lot of buzz in its inaugural season, is that one parent from each household swaps places for five days to experience how another family runs their lives. It is an incredible family experience and opportunity to both learn and teach different family values.

    Wife Swap is a fascinating story of what happens when two married couples see themselves and their spouses in a whole new light. The New York Post says, "It should be called ‘Life Swap’ because it's not just the wives who learn something here. It's the families."

    Potential families can live anywhere in the United States, but we ask that families who apply consist of two parents that have at least one child, ages 5 or older, living at home. To submit for the show please call 212-404-1469, or email a family photo and description to [email protected]

    Families featured on the show will receive a $20,000 honorarium. If you recommend a great family that ends up on our show you get a finders fee of $1,000 *Family must complete taping and show must air*.

    More information is available at:
    New to the site--Introduce Yourself

    Find a Pow Wow Near You!

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    I have seen this show and I don't if I could it. It would be a challenge to have someone else be in the house. i would be afraid that my husband would hook up with the other lady. LOL jk


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      it seems interesting, but my thing is that they always pair polar opposite families together. I could see the non-Indian wife hating on our culture. Or..... what if they have to go to a powwow? Will the new wife wear the Indin wife's regalia if the Indin wife happens to be a dancer??? Will the show give her a Tandy dress?

      Hmm, either way, I want to see what happens!
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        I've seen the show, and I think I'm way too protective of my little family to ever want to do this. I saw one episode that had a small child in one family and the new "wife' changed her little bedtime routine, made her sleep by herself when she never had before, and that little girl just cried and cried. I don't think I would ever want someone else coming in and trying to take care of my family and my kids.


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          Yeah, our Cultures might be too different for this to go over well. If they do it, they better be careful not to step on any toes. Homalosa brought up some good points. What if the non fmaily hates Indians or are just to ignorant to be respectful? I have seen this show and there are some "real winners" on it. They had one family who acted like pirates the whole time-like they thought they were really pirates... <shaking my head> this seems like an accident waitng to happen. The nons might not be tough enough to live with a real NDN momma..
          Because of our treaty status, the distinction of being 'Cherokee' is a status of citizenship, not a racial issue.


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            Omg A White Momma Wouldnt Make It...

            Ive Seen This Show Too. I Actually Make Comments During The Show, Like If I Was There I Would Beat That Girls A**, Or That Wouldnt Happen Over Here. I Was Raised In A House Were The Children Were Seen And Not Heard. They Are Also Respectfull And Listen To Their Elders. And When It Came To Meal Times The Elders Were Served First, Then The Children And Father And The Mother Ate After Every One Else Was Served And The Baby Was Full. (haha) You Know There Is Always A Baby, Some Where, Yours Or Not.. And I Dont Think Any One Who Came Into This Home Would Understand The " Dinamic " Of A Multi Generational Home ? Or The Extent Of The Extented Family, A Black Women Might Understand.. But Not The White Folks, I Really Dont Mean To Be Racial Or Hurtfull But It Is What It Is.. Did You Know That In Minneapolis It Is Exceptable For A Chinese Family Or Asian Family To Have Grandmothers And Other Extended Family All Living In The Same Home And All On Afdc, But Not A Native American Family ? It Is A Not An Opinion. There Was A Thing About It On The News ... Crazy ,
            Anyways, If I Would Ever Do That Show, My Honey Would Be Mad That There Is Bread Fresh From The Bakery Instead Of Frybread Fresh From The Grease... (hahaha)


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              Hey remember the freaky christian lady...holee molee. I wouldnt want some freak in my house...cus thats what id get a non-cursing, lovey dovey, touchy feely bible thumping, no sugar/msg/food-that-gets-delivered, kinda gal. I wouldnt do it.

              ...But if u wanna swap partners thats a totally diff

              My bad that was trading spouses...FREAK

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                $20,000??? danggggg if only my son was 5. haha
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                  only white people .... hehe just kiddin

                  really though, i dont think any native ma would trust a white women or any other lady with her kids unless it was her sister or auntie.... and even then, you find out stuff you might notta known other wize.. like auntie was in your room with daddy... hahaha, weeew, thank god i wont go.. if i go, Ma you better grab your hand bag , cus you gotta go too,.... hahaha yeah, that lady was nutso wasnt she ??!! she was like mental though, her behavior just wasnt normal.... by any standards.. ) laughin my large but off !!! besides i really dont think any white girl or black girl or chinese girl can take a fat joke joke like us thick skinned good natured native girls..... im not sure but is it just us that when are husbands bro's come around after a while we, women are no longer girls but turn into sisters ? like the buddies can tease us about being chubby ? or mean ?? ah, it doesnt bother me, i think its cool to be thought of as one of the boys,, instead of some one you have to hide stuff from .. i was a tom boy once too. it feels right at home for most ...


                  • #10
                    I wanted to do trading spouses.. but can't talk the hubby into it. But dang. TS pays 50,000.00. I was like...hon, that's a third of the house paid right there! I can just see some california vegan though coming into my home with foster adults and an ADHD kid and my hubby who likes to give everyone a hard time trying to do what I do all day..... well ok, so she'd clean, cook, do a bunch of laundry, play on the computer and bead.. how tough huh? But she would have to put up with my dogs and that could be entertaining LOL!!! I'd just be scared they'd stick me in some wiccan or new ager household.
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                      You know the producers of the show would put some polar opposite with the Indian family just for the entertainment value....that's scary to think what they might come up with.

                      Another scary thought is what if a "real" (for lack of a better word) Indian family can't be found, or isn't selected, and they pick some new-agey, new-Indian type of family? You know the type I'm talking about. That would be scary, for mainstream America to think that that is representative of an Indian family.

                      I was always wondering how the show made the families go along with the rules changes, because some of them are just terrible for the families and hard on the kids, especially the babies. I had no idea that they paid the families $20,000, but that must be how they make the families follow the rules of the show.

                      That's alot of money, but not enough to trust my babies under anyone else's care. I think it would be traumatic for the kids, not to mention how hard it would be on my husband.

                      As for trading spouses, nah, i don't think so. I always tell myself that it took me 26 years to find my soulmate, so trading even for awhile is out of the question.......although that is alot of, j/k.


                      • #12
                        you know that woman was so scary, my daughter and i laughed so hard i was crying, she gave me a big hug and said i am so glad you are my mom and not that freak.
                        Originally posted by **Brown Eyed Gurl**
                        Hey remember the freaky christian lady...holee molee. I wouldnt want some freak in my house...cus thats what id get a non-cursing, lovey dovey, touchy feely bible thumping, no sugar/msg/food-that-gets-delivered, kinda gal. I wouldnt do it.

                        ...But if u wanna swap partners thats a totally diff

                        My bad that was trading spouses...FREAK



                        • #13
                          Crazy Times..

                          My Girl Said The Same Thing.. She Said She Was Glad That I Like Baby Phat Too..( In Reference To The Family That Lived In A Tree.. Haha Heeeey,

                          The Scary Thing Is, If I Went Would My Husband Realize That He Really Didnt Like Me ? Haha, I Would Come Back And He Would Sit Me Down And Say " Yeah, About This Whole Marriage Thing... ( Haha Sarcazm..., Um Gonna Have To Say No... Hahaha, )( Like On Office Space )

                          And Then There Is The Idea Of All The Hard Work I Have Put Into Training Him On How To Be A Good Husband.

                          I Would How Ever Like To See How My Children Treat A New Mom For A Couple Of Weeks ? At 9 And 3. I Would Hope That They Are Respectfull And Kind. But Secretly Hope They Wished I Was Home. And Would Rat Her Out As Soon She Stepped Out Of Line. And As I Walked In The Door.. Dont Care I Love My Baby Rats...


                          • #14
                            and what about the food? you think you can slip a white woman into a navajo family and she'll be able to hadle the mutton stew?
                            when my grandmother used to cook chicken from scratch, she started from **scratch** i remember seeing her walking back from the pen with a chicken in each hand twirling then by the head. the woman was 92 when she died and never changed. i dont think any white woman could live her life and survive.

                            The older I get the less of a deterrent life without parole gets


                            • #15
                              i know what you mean...

                              my grandmother raised us both native and mexican (for me) cuz my father is from spain.. but anyways, i dont think even a black women could do it . but the thing with that is i would trust a black women before i would trust a white women.. ( strange) i dont think a white lady would be able to make good bread or even decent tortillas. hmmm, i should start cookin'. then to have people come over just to eat when they are on their way to some were else. you know, like a half way piont. it seems your house is always a half half way piont to some where. we would think that is ok because they would know its ok to come over in the middle of the night to sleep before getting back on the road but a white lady would think its rude or so out of the ordinary. but we( natives) are travelers and thats what we do. thats were we find our happiness. in mid- night stops, crashing in some ones yard. till they got home or stopping in just to eat. speaking of which i better start cooking i have a feeling my cousins will be stopping in on the way to california. " see what i mean." ... the things we do for family


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