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  • OneidaDreamer
    For All You Big Robot Lovers Out There

    Some Robotech Mecha.

    For your viewing pleasure.
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  • OneidaDreamer

    So I'm half done with the final book of the Macross Saga. Book Six. I really dug the Macross Saga! I love the Veritechs/Valkyries way more than the Alpha's. Although the Beta is a close second.

    I'm looking forward to reading the Masters Saga again. Course I'll have to read the Zentraedi Uprising. Then go on the the Second Generation. YAY!

    Yes this is a tiny book review of sorts. More of a Saga review I guess. For those of you who haven't read the Robotech Novels, they just re-released them all in print again. The core books that is. For those of you who want to round out your whole Robotech collection of novels, you'll have to comb your local used book stores or just buy them off ebay or

    Happy reading and hunting! I know I had fun searching for all of my beloved copies!

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  • OneidaDreamer
    Dorks Rule!!!!!!!!!

    Man, the Autobot Veritech was called Jetfire. My brother had him. And in the cartoon he was best friends with Star Scream and his name was Skyfire in the series. They were scientists before the great war.

    Yes I did leave out Go-Bots cuzz they're friggn whack! Excpet the cool deluxe die-cast metal car/bug ones. Well the deluxe one's in general we're and still are pretty dope...

    Man, we're dorks!!!

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  • crazywolf
    Hehehe I am gonna throw some gas on this fire.

    I watched the series back when I ws a kid way back when, and never since then. Same thing with the Transformers. You forgot one thing though... The Gobots. They came before the Transformers in comic books if I remember my history correctly, but they were not as popular. They did come out with a cartoon eventually to compete with the transformers, but the annimation was not as good.

    Also to be noted, the Veritech design is a direct knock off of a design from Battletech, a mineratures game that has nothing to do with Robotech. Also using the exact same design ws Starfire, the Autobot plane. All of these were modeled after a F-14 Tomcat. They all transformed exactly the same, even the toys did. The robot forms all looked exactly the same.

    That is about all I really remember about Robotech. Like I said, I have only seen it once, and that was over 20 years ago. Its too expensive to get DVDs of all that stuff, plus there is too much other stuff I would rather have in the way of watching movies, but this is high on my "to get list" What is higher than that you might ask? Firefly is on top, followed by Babylon 5. Would also like anything and everything X-flies.

    I do have the video game Robotech for my PS2. Its an awesome game but the controls are fairly complicated. Your Veritech does transform through the three modes in this game, and to confuse things more, you are fighting truely in 3 dimensions, especially in space, where you have no ceiling or ground. Its a hard game to play, because you have stuff going on all around you, front, back, sides, top and bottom.


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  • OneidaDreamer
    started a topic Robotech Discussion Board

    Robotech Discussion Board

    This thread is for all you Robotech Fans out there! Old and New.
    What is Robotech you might ask? Why what is the difference between a VF-1J Veritech and a Beta? HMMMMM?

    What is Protoculture? Why doesn't Rick Hunter see that Minmei is no good for him and should just love Lisa for the woman she is and will come to be? What is a Zentreadi? How come they want Zor's ship? Who is Zor? What's a Regis?

    These and any other Robotech related subjects will be discussed.

    For those of you who are new to the Robotech Franchise. Robotech is was three separate animated series in Japan at the time. Bout 1984-85. They went by the names: Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeda. When the US company Harmony Gold got the rights to release them in the states, they revamped them a bit. They were tweaked to be inter related. With charactors who's children were to be in the subsequent series following one another. Creating a whole new phenomena and craze accross the world in fact!

    You have to keep in mind folks that; BIG TRANSFORMABLE ROBOTS WERE VERY VERY NEW IN THE STATES!
    The others being the Trans Formers which aired around the same year. There was nothing like those toons in the states! There was GI Joe and that's about it. Big transformable robots and airplanes, with pilots and crazy space aliens bent on dominating the universe! You can count me in yo!!!!

    Oh and the toys, OMG they all transformed man! Just like our other much beloved heroes of old!

    Besides being a killer ahead of its time show, Robotech had great writers. The plot was excellent and there was a wide array of characters to follow. Jack Mckinney wrote the novels for Robotech and Robotech: The Sentinels, published under Ballantine/Del Rey. Those books go way more into depth, but you don't have to read the books to love the show.

    There is also a role-playing game under the same name that you can still find at your local Role Playing Games Store/Comic Shop. Published under Palladium Books. Or just google Palladium books.

    I'll start posting some other facts about Robotech and related nerdery. I just wanted to get the ball rolling.


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