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    American Indian Dance Theatre Delivers

    Performing at the opening festival of the new Los Angeles Theatre Company for four nights only, Thursday through Sunday, October 25-28, the American Indian Dance Theatre’s “Dances from a Tribal Life” is a performance not to be missed.

    In a rich blend of traditional and contemporary dance styles, the performers – all gifted and versatile dancers and active members of the Native community - take the audience for a journey through the life of native people across the continent.

    Dances from a Tribal Life is at once theatrical and very real. If you have spent any time at powwows and native gatherings you will immediately recognize that these are not actors in costumes; these are champion dancers in their regalia, doing what they love. You will recognize songs and dances and appreciate the full and rich sound of the drum that sings for them.

    There were many highlights to the performance; one of the most striking was a choreographed dance where all the performers take the stage together. While their motions are the same, they are at once also unique; each dancer brings to the performance their own distinct style and personality.

    There is a very strong sense of the continuity of native culture as it adapts to and with changing times as the show progresses. With humor and phenomenal agility, the dancers bring us forward from ancient times to the present, blending every-day life into their own interpretation as Native Americans. Dances from a Tribal Life takes us for a ride through time and space without ever losing its foundation in the reality of what it means to be a tribal person.

    This is a must-see performance for all audiences and one that will hold particular appeal for anyone who dances, dreams of dancing, or simply thrills at watching native dancers.

    Four Nights Only! October 25-28, performance starts at 8 p.m.

    The New LATC is located at 514 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
    Telephone (213) 489-0994
    Fax (213) 489-1851
    The NEW LATC

    Tickets: single tickets $28.00, seniors and students $15.00, groups of more than ten $15.00, Cultural Green Card (4 shows of your choice – a variety of performances to enjoy at LATC) - $100.00

    To purchase tickets; (323) 461-3673 Ford Box Office or online at The NEW LATC

    Sam Begay, Jocy Bird, Isaiah Bob, Adrian Cross, Bud Day, Lee Goodman Jr., Ursaloria Kanuho, Reuben Little Head, Valerie Parker, Lateachia Pemma, Doug Scholfield, Nigel Schuyler, John Snowball, John Taken Alive, Jason Whitehouse

    (Please repost this message to groups and forward to your friends. Support native arts! Corina Roberts, Redbird REDBIRDS VISION/interface )

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    That is a good line-up for the AIDT!

    Nice to see that it's been revived and that they have some fresh young faces in there with alot of contemporary powwow experience. These young people are well-traveled and very skilled in their respective areas.

    Who is singing for this bunch? Is Lateachia backing them up?


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      While that sounds familiar, I will confess I didn't catch the drum's name and I did not see it on the program. I can tell you they were powerful, good, and could have handled a powwow with just the three and sometimes two singers who sang.

      We started out being very skeptical of the performance, us been to way too many powwow people, but it wasn't long before we let it go and just enjoyed ourselves.

      We had a chance to talk to some of the dancers afterward and they were very polite and fun to talk to. They love to dance and love what they are doing.


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        I was an AIDT member back in back in the day. When I asked who was singing for them, it is usually 3 people listed in the cast....we had Kenny Merrick Jr., Sherwin (Stickman) Obey, and Joe (Tiny) Bellanger. They haven't in the past, as far as I know, ever hired an actual drum group, usually just well known and skilled singers from different areas. I don't know enough singers to recognize who might have been singing for them besides Bud Day - and I thought he might be on there grass dancing.

        I didn't keep up on the theater much after I left, so I guess I don't know why you might be skeptical about the dancers. I know several members of the cast and I've found them to be very nice young people.


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          American Indian Dance Theater

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          Yes I have seen them in L.A. performing live


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