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Can someone please answer me this?

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  • Can someone please answer me this?

    As I've watched Asian horror films and their remakes over the years, I've noticed a rather similar theme they all share: almost all of them feature vengeful ghosts that cannot be stopped by any means short of appeasement or avoidance. They possess these god-like, supernatural powers, cause nothing but death in their wake, very rarely receive their comeuppance, and they create misery in their wake. Even more frightening, all of their victims who become ghosts, seem powerless to stop them.

    For example, Natasha from Dark Water not only claims Dahlia's soul, but seems to be able to be possessive over her, controlling her. Dahlia seems completely powerless to stop Natasha from using her supernatural powers or at least render them ineffective, even in death. Why is that? If Natasha's just another human soul, how does she have THAT kind of power over another human soul????

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    The Eye is easily my favorite Asian horror movie, make sure to watch the original version though, the remake is pretty bad. Here involved demons


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      I love horror! There's def a sub-genre of mysterious ghost girls with god-like powers revenge fantasy horror, where the lead character walks into different people's lives just to punish them. The anime Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) in the 2000s and more recently the live action Thai show Girl From Nowhere (on Netflix) have that in common too!

      On Unsolved Mysteries season 2 (Netflix) they talk about this a little bit in the episode about Tsunami Spirits. It's an interesting watch if you wanna learn more about how they view those who have passed!

      I watch......
      so much tv..... lol


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        nowadays there are multiple horror and fantacy anime to watch, i see, you have know idea what's trending in today's anime market.


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