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  • Chronic Headaches

    Anyone here ever have a lot of headaches?

    Have you ever coughed real hard, or did something that was kind of physically stressful and you ended up with a pounding headache that incapacitates you for a minute, but then you still feel the affects for days.

    Or go to sleep with a headache, and still wake up with it?

    The local doctors here don't know what to say except to hand out the painkillers, which I don't like to take.

    Any ideas?
    It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.

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    maybe you need more water or fluids..dehydration????? :dontknow:

    I dunno... i get those sometimes.. it sucks!!! especially when you think it will go away when you got sleep and come to find out that when you awake..its still lurking! ugggghhh!!!


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      Sometimes I'll get a headache when my neck or neck is out of alignment - chiropractic helps!

      Plus I notice massgaes help to ease chronic pain. Maybe see if you can get a massage therapist to work on your neck, shoulders and head - it likely will be painful but will ease the tension of your muscles and tendons - get a trained/qualified/licensed deep tissue therapist.

      You might also want to ask your doc for some tests to rule out anything more serious - especially if the headaches are on-going.


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        Well, I drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday.

        Fortunately nothing has showed up on a CT scan.

        I have done mass neck exercises, but a massage therapist sounds good though!
        It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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          Physically stressful things can bring on migraines. That is one of the triggers for some people in addition to the regular things like food, lights, smells, etc. If it could be determined whether you are having "headaches" or "migraines" that would help you.

          Massages def do help with any type of headache. Relaxing the muscles helps the bloodflow improve. Besides just working the stress out of you.

          When my migraines weren't severe I went to this lady and got some oils that you smelled and rubbed on your temples - aromatherapy. That helps too.
          Becky B.


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            Originally posted by kneegrow_native
            Well, I drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday.

            Fortunately nothing has showed up on a CT scan.

            I have done mass neck exercises, but a massage therapist sounds good though!
            Glad to hear your scan was clean!


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              go see a medicine person :)...not the white doctors...the REAL doctors in native land!!! ;)


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                I've had severe migraine headaches since I was a teen; over 2 decades now. I've been suffering for the last two days from one that just won't go away; I realized it is from the change in humidity here, since it's been raining. As someone pointed out before; mine almost always have a trigger, and don't always have a cure.


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                  Bettles if you go to a neurologist you may want to check into Botox. I finally have a life because of that!
                  Becky B.


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                    I've had headaches since I was 13. When I am starting to get a migraine everything sounds louder. and if I bend over to pick something up my head throbs like the blood pumping in my head. I usually take a scraf and wrap around my head real tight shut myself up in a dark room and sleep. When my head hurts because of the scarf my headache is gone. It's a hell of a way to live. You should consider something you are allergic to. I found out that I was allergic to pepper trees. I would go over to my friends house and within an hour I would have a headache. When I would leave so would my headache this went on for a while until I figured it out. Sometimes keeping track of things you do or eat and cleaning products you use will help you find the problem.


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                      Weather changes are one of my triggers - if I am outside and it is hot and then the temp drops that will mess me up. Besides all the foods - some frozen foods, citrus fruits, OJ, certain beans, etc.
                      Becky B.


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                        I get a headache whenever I try to hod the telephone
                        receiver between my ear and my shoulder by bending
                        my neck to the side. It usually lasts for up to 2 weeks.
                        I have been repeatedly told not to do this, but sometimes
                        I don't have any choice--e.g. I have to write something
                        down while on the phone. I tried a shoulder rest--it was
                        a piece of junk; it would not stay attached to the phone.


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                          1st. get checked for miagraines and the only other good option I can tell you is to find a QUALIFIED dentist who specialises in jaw and have him check you for TMJ. I had problems for years with headaches and neck pain but also had migraines so I knew that wasn't what it was. My sinus doctor diagnoised me with TMJ and sent me to a specialist. My regular dentist didn't catch it. The specialist I went to doesn't like to do surgery for TMJ until he has tried all other options first and the first option of wearing a jaw splint to hold my jaw in it's proper alligment worked for me. It is heritary and when my cousin started complaining at a reunion I told him and sure enough when he got home he got checked and he had TMJ. Easy to fix if you know what to look for and get a decent dentist.
                          Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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                            I concur with Annie. I've been in treatment for TMJ since 1992 and it can be vicious. I also get migraines for other reasons as well. Some say avoid caffeine, yellow cheese, msg, etc. That helps. But, I live on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, and our weather doesn't do well for folks with bone and joint disorders. Try alternating heat and cold. Get enough sleep, and my favorite that docs and such tell me is "avoid stress at all costs". Ya-right!

                            Beadwork seems to keep me calm. Also, I"ve started sewing. Reading and writing. One day I had a headache and entered a poetry contest and the poem is being published. In recent years my worklife has been really afftected. So, I just passed my Life & Health insurance exam. Now I work for myself. This will also make it easier to go to pow wows!

                            HOpe you have good family or spousal/partner support. But, it's tough on your loved ones when you have chronic pain. I've had a headache today. I do take pain medication. After 13 years, I just want it to stop and I don't care who the doc is. I've visited with healers and medicine people. The only thing I can tell you is develop your own care plan for managing this. And, be a survivor not a victim.


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                              Mary, I am with you on the weather! Finally our weather seems to have evened out a little bit. For about a month one day it would be in the 80's and the next in the 50's! Barometric pressures seem to be trigger that is bothering me now. Of course after 30 or so years of migraines I have figured out most of my triggers. One thing I just found out is stuffing (you know the kind out of the box!) - I can eat every kind except I think it is Chicken. I can eat Turkey, Herb, etc. When I was having that rough cycle last month they ended up giving me a really really old medicine that is used for psychiatric problems (go figure - me CRAZY?) hahaha - but as the doc said if it can go to the right section of the brain it breaks the headache - it worked! For the past week or so I have taken like maybe 4 tylenol - that is it!!!! Of course I am fighting my insurance company now because they paid for my 2 Botox treatments last year and don't want to pay for the one from this year. Who can figure them out?????
                              Becky B.


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