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Depression during pregnancy

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  • Depression during pregnancy

    I was just wondering what all you mothers have done to deal with depression during pregnancy. How did you cope with the depression and is it unusual to feel depressed during this time? Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed..

    Thank you
    :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p

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    it is very normal to feel depressed during pregnancy.. you got hormones from hell attacking you from head to toe!

    First let me suggest you go buy the book, pregnancy what to expect. It's highly informative and will let you know what to expect (duh LOL) at what time and where the baby is at this stage of pregnancy and what is not just normal but what IS"NT normal so that you might talk to your doctor.

    Next, if you feel your depression is going on too long or unbearable, definitly talk to your doctor! Too long is your call, even if you think 4 hours is too long or 20 minutes, better safe than sorry right? Your key job right now is to make you happy and healthy for a happy, healthy baby. If there are little things you know of that will help you out of depression that someone else can do for you like a hubby or girlfren or mom, then don't hesitate to ask... it's only 9 months you get to be pampered and it's all good for the baby as well as you.. don't feel guilty about asking them to help you out. Also eating right helps with the depression episodes. And junk food is good for the soul, just don't overdo the sweets and fried fatty stuff especially if you have a risk for or have gestational diabetes. And make sure you take those prenatal vitamins! And lots of orange juice or take folic acid. Your health does play a huge factor in fighting depression I just wanted to stress that one more time LOL!

    As for me, if anyone gave me hell they got 4x the hell back and that made me happy LOL! Seriously though, I would break out crying for absolutely no reason and would have to explain it while I was working to folks looking for beads or cabachons that it had nothing to do with them LOL... I fought mine with music, entertainment, exercise and beading. Oh and lots of taco bell!

    added this in: STAY AWAY FROM WATCHING LATTER DAY SAINT COMMERCIALS.. they get you every time!
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      the only way i knew i was really pregnant was i cried at christmas commercials. the hormonal swing you will go through is phenominal. stuff people dont talk to you about when you are pregnant. i had a lot of anxiety about having a baby because i was going to be a single mother so i went to a counselor during my pregnancy. that doesnt mean i cried anyless but i felt like i was on a more even keel. sometimes you can just ride it out but make sure to take good care of yourself--eat well, get a lot of rest and most importantly EXERCISE!! its a great natural was to release some of the stress hormones in your body. the added benefit is that it makes labor a whole lot easier ifyou stay in shape. when you start to feel a little crazy--go for a walk if you can and just let it calm you down!! my gramma who had seven kids--made all of us girls walk when we were pregnant especially those of us who werent in the best shape--its builds your strength and takes a load of your mind. and that old lady was tough so we listend to her. do what makes you feel good but i really believe that exercise can help a ton with depression--even when not pregnant!!take care!!


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        thanks... I appreciate it... any other suggestions.. on how to deal with being pregnate?.. tips etc.. Pretty much anything.. I'm reading almost everything I can get my hands on and dealing with not being able to sleep on my stomach.. it's hard..some nights!
        :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p


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          OMG!!!!! prop pillows alllllll around you!!! LOL.. i wish they would make beds with holes in them!! :Chatter....for pregnant women..that way you can still enjoy the comfort of laying down that way and not harming the baby! :Chatter

          I never got depressed...or i wasn't on an emotional roller coaster either. I know some of my friends that would cry over the craziest things! LOL

          Ummmmm drink lotsa water! take your vitamins... EXERCISE TOOOOO!!!! :D


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            ummmm please dont start crying if you read this thread! i'm just trying to be helpful! :Chatter....

            just jokin with ya! congrats on the new baby comin tho!!!


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              Originally posted by Burberrilish
              ummmm please dont start crying if you read this thread! i'm just trying to be helpful! :Chatter....

              just jokin with ya! congrats on the new baby comin tho!!!

              Thanks Burbs, I needed another good laugh :rofl2:


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                I think what helped for me was that i wasnt afraid to do the things i would normally do. That was one of the first things my doctor told me, So thereofre i kept active, taking walks, swimming doing the things I have always enjoyed. I think sometimes we fear that something may go wrong and we limit our abilities to do those thinge we normally do then we get depressed because we dont feel up to our usual selves.
                what im saying is, everyone here is absolutely right, take care of YOU and only you know how youre feeling. Having a baby should be a wonderful happy time and they do pick up on everything even inside the womb

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