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    I'm just needing to blow off some steam. I went to the native clinic to pick up my perscription of Aciphex today, that I had called in for yesterday. I've been on this a couple of years now, and it was helping me with a very serious health problem of the stomache. When I arrived in my private room the pharmicist informed me they switched me to perscription Prilosec, because IHS could no longer pay for Aciphex which costs 6X more. So I asked her if this was the same medicine; she said no, it's similar though. She told me it will take longer to work than my old medicine, but to give it at least a week until I decide if it's working or not, then she handed me the side-effects and WARNING papers to go with it. I doubt if it doesn't work for me, that the clinic will get me back on my old meds. without it having to come out of my pocket. I'm so very glad; once again to be a NATIVE GUINEA PIG, for IHS!!!

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    WW, actually don't feel like a guinea pig - since Prilosec is available OTC my insurance won't cover my Aciphex. The explanation is that it is cheaper to purchase the OTC product and they prefer for the person to try the OTC one.
    Becky B.


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      Same probs

      Went through the same thing...dr. ordered one thing and the clinic gives Vioxx cuz it's cheaper...few months later comes the nationwide warning that Vioxx is dangerous!!! - its disgusting when you have your own insurance even and the IHS charges the heck out of it for lesser quality...
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        It's not the OTC(over the counter) Prilosec; it's the prescription strength medicine. The point is that they did the "switcheroo" when I went to pick up my meds. Same ole' thing, different day. It's just one more thing to add to my list of complaints and misgivings about IHS. If my family could afford private health insurance; do you really think I'd keep going to the native clinic for my health care? I've been in the emergency room twice in the last 1 1/2 year; due to medications that my native clinic gave me to use, how do you think I feel. My daughter owns a guinea pig; and although she's treated very well by the kids, she's at the mercy of our family for all her care... That's me, my hubby, and kids: IHS guinea pigs! OINK OINK Just kidding:)


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          WW..this is shameful...and I continue to wonder when ALL of America/Canada will get sick enough of greed by so called 'health care' groups and doctors/ do anything about it...What the hell ever happened to the Hippocratic (not Hypocritic!) oath???? will our national motto be officially changed to "In greed we trust"?


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            I gave you some good rep. Holy smokes, how the heck did you get over 5 million rep points????


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              They were for being so nice, intelligent, good looking and sweet...yeah right, C..they were from donations, games, etc...and a benefactor....
              Sure wish congress/president/premier etc...would address the health care with PEOPLE in mind, and not the medical/legal professions and their absurd profits...
              take care and good luck..hope you get a break with this....


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                  I'm beginning to hate health care professionals all the ones I've came in contact with don't give a [email protected]%& about the individual.. I'm already an almost full anti government.. Will be 100 % pretty soon..


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                    the health care system just sucks.

                    WocusWoman if you have reflux..Prilosec should help..but it is at a lesser strength than the other. if theyre trying to give it to you for something besides reflux i dont know what theyre doing.

                    i still have insurance through my dads job and i went to get a prescription the other day and it turned out to be $40! and the prescription was the epi pen for my anaphilactic other words if i dont have that shot and i eat peanuts i'll die. but they're breaking me in order to have it when its a life or death thing. its rediculous.

                    and to think...viagra is now going to be covered under medicare?????????
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                      this might help

                      I know from working in a pharmacy how expensive Aciphex can be..and prilosec(omeprazole) is cheaper.The only thing is the OTC which is less mg.'s than the rx, should really only be taken up to 14 days at a time.And the Prilosec Rx does take a little longer to work.But Aciphex has been on the market now for sometime, so there may be a generic distributed some time soon.I dont know how much help that is to you right now..but maybe than, your insurance will cover it, and it will cost you less.Wish i could of helped more.Good luck.


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