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  • Spiritual health

    Does anyone talk about our spirit health? Being a native who doesn't have an elder to guide or a healer, medicine person to help in this I have been using books. This site could be good to let elders pass on the wisdom. To help us walk the good path. Spirit is just as important as physical health. We need both to be whole. Someone please respond with guidance.

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    i have found that being with those who are like minded as to me help me being spiritual. sometimes its difficult but ..... i have found reading helps, journally helps, meditation helps me too.


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      spiritual health

      thanks for this thread my spiritual health is very tattered. since i lost my husband last year the first six months was ok i felt real strong then i don't know what happened, its like something entered my life and just turned everthing upside down. i feel very vunerable right now, i truly want to cleanse my spirit to feel like i'm starting over fresh. ineed to reach out and get in contact with my fam and let them know i need a sweat. right now im in the shadows mixing my time with booze and meth and feeling like i could be doing more for myself and my family. i really want to feel happy again and feel like i have a true relationship with my creator. believe me there is no feeling like it in the world


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