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    OK so i have developed Bell's Palsy while i am recovering from my knee surgery. Has anyone else experience this? this is my first occurrence, my face isnt drooping really bad yet...i see a neurologist on Wednesday and go from there. personaly I think it was caused from me stressing over my surgery oh well...

    just wanted to get some feed back

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    I'd wait until after you see the neuro on Wednesday. There are other things that look (at first glance) like Bell's but aren't. Almost 5 years ago my wife was having problems, we took her to the ER and they said "look's like Bell's". Turned out it wasn't.


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      My Wife has recurring attacks about 3 times a year,My younger sister had one occurrence about 5 years ago,


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        My husband had a case of Bell's Palsy during the end of my first pregnancy. We tried to induce for 2 days but it didn't work, he was all stressed out and went to sleep after those 2 days and woke up with one side of his face all droopy. We delivered my first son a week later (emergency c-section) and you can see in all the pics where his face was twisted. It got better after a month or so. BUT the Dr. said it was stress related for him.



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          ive had bells palsy...its stress related abnd virus related...i had a flu virus that went hay wire. I had the drooping and paralysis all the way to my neck. i was given stereoids, codine and asprine and i had to tape my eye shut at night after putting drops in . bad thing is that usually which happened to me when one gets this they experience depression.

          it does come back. so its best after recovery to watch yourself. the 2nd time first time i had eye gitters and i saw my face starting to sag tiny bit i went to the same doctor immediately. i caught it before it got worse.


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            oh no not again

            well had my left knee done on monday the 11th and on tuesday before i was getting ready to be released ..... guess what..... yep got that numbness feeling on the right side of my mouth.....bells palsy again...I think it has something to do with the spinal tap they gave me...but who knows if it happened when i had surgery on my right knee now with my left knee.... hmmm might be an allergic reaction....anyways taking predisone and will start therapy next week...


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