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  • Neumonia

    The medical center here is horrible and the treat us with medicine that doesnt work.

    I have neumonia and exactly before that I had influenza apparently. I try tea, vitamins, cough drops,vitaminc and vitamin c drops, carmel worthers and medicine which I had to swtich from one brand to another and I still have it. I don't know how to get rid of it, I even tried hot showers and nothing is working. It's going around here in the university spreading like wildfire. Any suggestions? I even tried huny and lemon in my tea and I wake up gasping for air.
    I tried robitussen, humidifiers and even tylonol and nothing.

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    Mom told me that my brother had double pneumonia really bad once. I'll ask her what they did next time I talk to her. Take care of yourself. Hope you get to feeling better.
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      If you have pneumonia, they should have given you something at the doctor's. They usually don't let patients leave when they're that bad! You HAVE to drink TONS of liquids. I can't express that enough. I am just getting over bronchitis and I was drinking about a gallon of freakin water a day. It took four days of drinking that much to finally get the congestion in my chest loosened up. With pneumonia, the congestion is even tighter. I'm surprised that you haven't been put on antibiotics, decongestants or something! Good luck!!

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        If you aren't getting good medical attention where you are GO somewhere else. GO Right Now. As a doc once told my stubborn (then young) butt "People. Die. From. Pneumonia." ... at the time I had double pneumonia - I was soooooooo tired and yet so determined to go to work. My BP was something like 150/130 - yeah it was bad. It took mega doses of anti-biotics and decongestants to get me well. Along with a ton of rest. And I'm not going into how gross it is to bring up nearly a quart of fluid out of each lung.

        Here is what I would do IF I couldn't get to a doctor right away. Breathing cool air seemed to help me sleep better... warm air made all that stuff seem more "thick"... as did sleeping in a sitting position (couch cushions in bed to prop me up - window wide open and a ton of blankets on top of me).

        Inhaling the scent of bruised euclyptus leaves and berries seemed to help more than the menthol stuff they make from the euclyptus tree's leaves and berries... steam heat just really seemed to make it worse. As for OTC (off the shelf) remedies - try Comtrex Deep Chest Cold. It helped some but I want to stress Not Nearly As Good as The Stuff From The Doc.

        After you get over this, with a doctor's care - get the doc to give you a pneumonia vaccine. They last for 5 years cuz I'm sure you really don't want to ever do this again.

        Right Now Go To The Doctor - a real one, not the campus clinic. Go To the Nearest Hospital. Do It ASAP.

        People. Die. From. Pneumonia. Even young people.


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          Hes right..i had an older brother once...he died of pneumonia

          if u cant breathe u prolly need asthma inhalers...while ur ill'n
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            Just the other week I ended up in the hospital with pnemonia, in my right lung, I have asthma so the sent me right to the hospital, started out with a cold, then all of a sudden one night i got wicked fevers with bad chills, i was cold, i took motrin, which helped alittle, dozing off an on, then the next moring i woke with my right side hurting like crazy, and spitting up bloody mucus, it would hurt especially when i would breath deeply, so my honey took me to the clinic, they took exray of my lung and it was inflamed, so having asthma and getting phenomia that fast they sent me right off to the hospital, i was admitted on a wednesday and got released on a saturday, feeling better then ever, i had antibiotic thru an iv and potassium, i'd suggest you see a different doc if you aren't feeling good, for phenomia they should put you on antibiotics.


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              I went the the clinic and my heart rate was at 133. i was escorted to the hospital at MCO because they didnt want me to drive. i had a x-ray,ekg,iv,they barely could get my blood and a brething treatment done
              on me. Im on atibiotics and in hailer for bronchitis. I guess it was sever bronchities. Those halls freezeburst work great than the regualr halls.
              The doctors came in and said somehow I am missing 4,000 platelets and I have to go see a hematologist to figure out why i am missing so many.
              It's low not high so I can rule out cancer but it's still not good.
              I also was dehydrated so im drinking lots of water and juice.


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                I've been living off of liquids for the last two going on three weeks because of my tonsils. Gatorade's been a staple. Glad you went to the doctor.... I talked to Mom today and she said *drumroll* go to the doctor! LOL She said that the doctors gave some medicine to my brother that was kind of like cocoa. She said hurry up and do something about it, don't let it get a hold of ya or it can really make you real sick.
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                  Ack! I had another chest x-ray done and I got the results back I have the beginning stages of pneumonia. Lately since I been taking the prescribed medicine and taking my in hailer
                  I have been feeling a little bit better. But I think I am done with blood tests and come to find out I wasn't missing 4,000 platlets I was missing 40,000. It's still weird so I'm waiting for the results and I have go back to get another chest x-ray this monday. Gawd I'm going to hate to see my bill*lol*


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