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Hepatitis C

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  • Hepatitis C

    Is there a cure for this?

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    Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C has no cure
    However there is a vaccine against it. There are 3 shots given, in series.
    Lots of water and cleansing teas and juices


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      There is no cure for hep c however there is meds to take that are helpful, I just can't remember what they are.. also milk thistle is good for people that have it. Last year when I had my physical my liver check was high so the doctor sent me to another doc. The test he did came back negative for hep c but I do have a fatty liver and it hurts from time to time. I keep up with the milk thistle cuz it is good for the liver!


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        hi all,
        last year at my yearly the test came back + for hep c but when i went for more test for geno type, the test came back neg for virus the doc told me that all i had was antabodies for c,
        0. no virus so..
        it can be throwen off
        also i was a airforse brat and we went over seas and thay loaded me up with shots ,so maybe i did get that shot as a yougen but i dont know for sure ,all i know is i just have antbodies ,no hep c virus.
        ps aaalso it could have been divline intertervinshon.
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          Here is a website I came across. Hope it helps.

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            No Known Cure

            Originally posted by musicedu77 View Post
            Is there a cure for this?
            My beloved sister passed away from this disease in 1997. She was never tested specifically for this disease, although she showed all the symptoms of a liver related illness. It wasn't until it was too late that they discovered she had it. She never smoked or drank. They say that she must have contracted it from one of the blood transfusions given to save her life!!
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              My Dad tested positive for Hep C in 2000. He took meds for 3 years and worked through the symptoms. Everyonce in awhile he will have some problems but for the most part he is symptom free. At the time he was diagnosed he had been a practicing alcoholic for 20 years, it took a few years but he was able to stop drinking and I think that made the biggest difference.

              I know that they are running trials on some Hep C meds right now. My Dad is part of the program in Tulsa. So far, so good.
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