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    OK, saw part of this commercial with the old native man on it, so I just looked up the address at Has anyone else seen this? There is no information to tell me who is selling this product, who the native man is and how they can back there claims. Since I have arthritis and glucosimine never worked for my condition, I'm weary about this one also. I bet you its not being sold or formulated by any native, but if anyone knows otherwise, please correct me:)

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    Floyd Red Crow Westerman, thats who the old man is. I'm not sure where this company is located. I've wondered about this product and the use of the name Lakota. I've asked people on my reservation, in the tribal council, to find out if it is in anyway affiliated with any of our tribes in South Dakota. I haven't heard anything about it yet, but I have been wondering the same thing you have. I'll let you know what I hear as soon as I do......hope others are looking into this.
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      There was a big story about this on I believe CBC Market Place. It's a Canadian based company. Other then that, I am sure if you check out and do a search you might be able to find out what you are looking for


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