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    I give ya points for tandem nursing!
    Don't compromise yourself. It's all you've got.

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      I know! My son didn't want to give up nursing either and I thought I would be tandem nursing. My mom was so worried cuz she saw on the discovery channel how a lady's baby became all malnourished when she tandem nursed.

      But towards the end of my pregnancy he slowly weaned himself. After babygirl was born then he would lay by me and say feed me. I would just smile at him and say its baby food you're a big boy and he was content to cuddle and talk w/me.
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        Haha...I would have worried about my youngest getting enough except I knew by then that it's all about supply and The consultants all said that my body will make enough to keep up with the baby, and the baby can go on these frequent nursing binges periodically to increase your milk supply...I forget now what they called it. That's how your body keeps up with the demands of a growing baby.

        I had to go on travel for my new job when my youngest was about 9 weeks old. She was so little I knew I could take her with me to my meetings because she just slept all the time and just woke up to Well, that morning she slept way more than I thought she would and she skipped a feeding. Even after she nursed I still had one side that felt like it was about to So I just let my older daughter nurse on that side and it helped so much. Didn't have to travel with the pump.

        If I had any doubts about having enough milk, like if I knew I didn't drink enough water or if I went running, then I would just let my baby nurse first, then I let my older daughter nurse on that same side after my baby. I only had to tandem nurse in pinch

        The first time I did that, we were at Tonkawa powwow when my baby was only about 6 weeks old. She got hungry so I took her back to the van to nurse her. My older daughter wanted to go too cuz she was getting tired and fussy...we all got back to the van and I got my boppy ready to nurse my baby and my 2 year old started fussing saying, "No Mama no!" didn't want me nursing my youngest. Well then my youngest started squawking because she was hungry, THEN my husband says all of the sudden, "Uh oh! They just called my contest." and then he takes off! So I'm sitting there in the van with two increasingly fussy I thought to myself, "I am NOT going to sit in here with two yelling and crying babies all by myself." So that's when I remembered what my breastfeeding book had shown and I got them both situated and both latched They were both so suprised that they quit crying, they were looking at each other while they were nursing, and then they both started laughing!!! My mom was so proud of me for thinking of that and being willing to do


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          HI, i'm nursing baby number 5 right now. My other 4 babies all weened between 20 & 22 months. I hope to be as fortunate this time. I had a home birth again so I am lucky because the midwives all have good training in breastfeeding. (Oh I'm in Ontario so if anyones wondering, midwives here are University trained like a doctor). I enjoy nursing & got good support. My MIL nursed all her children including her twins and when her youngest was born & the twins still nursing she just nursed them after the baby. I enjoy nursing and all the benefits, although alot of the ways that it benifits a baby later in life (diabetes, heart disease etc as mentioned in the original post.) benifits babies nursed beyond 18 months.

          It is unfortunate ndnMSW that the nurses didn't know how to help a large birthwieght baby. Good job on the tandem nursing!

          My oldest three weened a month or 2 before the next baby was born (as superndngyrl mentioned with her babies)so I never needed to try that out, although I was a wet nurse for a friend when my 1st baby was nursing so she could go to school.

          I've nursed through teething & taught them not to bite. I've nursed doing pretty much anything, except chicken pox, that's when my 4th baby weened, he had them in his mouth & would just cry, it was so sad.

          Anyway thought it was nice that this thread is here. I love talking about my babies!


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