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    Tansi Everyone

    I havent been to for a real long time. Its nice to be back. I was wondering if any body else has or have been struggling with an eating disorder? I suffer from an ed and just wanted to chat about it. You can respnd to this thread or mesege

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    My sister had an eating disorder, and I understand how it all goes. She has recovered, though. It started when she was in the 7th grade, and she was becoming more developed than everyone else. Her and I, we're non-natives, and one thing I've noticed from my bi-cultural experience is that non-Natives place a very high value on unrealistic female body proportions. Because she weighed more than all her friends, she felt she was fat, and so she wouldn't eat, and this continued on for almost four years.
    In my case, I never got an eating disorder, but after I had my child, I felt like i was very fat, and my breasts were saggy, luckily I have gotten my own personal self confidence back, and am able to ignore all these "ideal" looking women. Hope that helps!



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      Hey Mocs, you aren't by yourself. About 13-14 years ago I was hospitalized w/anorexia. With a good support system you can overcome it. I wouldn't eat - the guy I was dating kept telling me I was fat. Now that I look at pics I see that I wasn't and that he was just scared people might notice me. Mind you this is also the one that tried to kill me but that is another story. Once you realize that you have a problem you have overcome one of the biggest obstacles. Even when they had the pschologist (or psychiatrist - whatever it was) come in to see my I was smart enough to know how to answer the questions. The ones like do you think you are fat, do you not eat like you should, etc. Now that I have gained weight (some just from eating but some from meds) I still have those thoughts in the back of my head. I mean I look at pics or in the mirror and say "my god, how did I get so fat". When in actuality I wear like a 10 but to you it feels like a 20. Know what I mean?? But you admitting you have a problem means you are ready to get help. Lemme know if I can help any!! And remember all your fellow .com'ers are behind you!!
      Becky B.


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        ...jus found out that my sis has been baleemic for the past 8 years..... I feel bad for not knowin ....but now I am here if she needs to talk to her "big" bro..... she just started goin to group talks..... she has always been thin like the rest of us..... never thought she would see herself as chunky..... :(
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          Luvs you are gonna have to be there for her for a LONG time! If she has been doing this for 8 years she has a long hard road to travel.
          Becky B.


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            TRIP OUT, I just found out on Tuesday someone dear to the family has been battling Balemia since she was in grade school. We were called over for a "meeting" and she told us about her problem....:(. I was sad for her because she was so upset with herself for keeping it hidden for so long.

            I've never known anyone with an eating disorder, alcoholism, drugs, etc., yes, but never an ED. I'm learning more on this disorder and pray every day for this person to stay strong. We've never been "sister" close, but I was touched :) when she included us to share her problem.

            I wonder, do you suppose children of ED people can "inherit" the disorder by watching their behaviors and actions? A friend said the child may "imitate" the actions, but I wonder if it's something inherited to the off-spring...

            BEADED MOCS, can you offer a few suggestions on how I may help her battle to fight this?
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