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Ariz. tribe fighting war against diabetes

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  • Ariz. tribe fighting war against diabetes

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    Ariz. tribe fighting war against diabetes
    TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2003

    Through lifestyle changes, the Ak-Chin Indian Community is combating diabetes, a disease that affects about a third of tribal members.

    Cassandra Allen runs the tribe's diabetes program. Using $240,000 in grants, she has started exercise classes, swimming lessons and has hired a dietitian in the last two years. Additional funds will come from the federal Special Diabetes Program, which is helping tribes nationwide.

    Last year, the tribe only saw eight new cases of diabetes, about half the number in previous years.

    Get the Story:
    Ak-Chin excited by assault on diabetes (The Arizona Republic 6/24)

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    this article needs to be sent to every tribal council asap!


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      .....What are the first signs of this desease....? :(
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        This is off a web site:
        Diabetes in adults may start slowly. In fact, millions of people don't even know they have it. They may just feel very tired at first, then later may have these symptoms:

        Urinating more than usual, as the body tries to get rid of the extra sugar in the blood
        Feeling unusually thirsty, because the body needs to replace the lost fluid
        Blurred vision
        Feeling hungry while losing weight
        Frequent infections
        Skin sores that won't heal

        It's important to remember that diabetes symptoms may not be the same for everyone:

        The symptoms of type 2 diabetes may come on gradually.
        Some people may have no symptoms at all.
        Many people have type 2 diabetes and don't know it.

        Untreated diabetes can cause serious health problems, such as blindness, heart and blood vessel damage, and permanent nerve damage. Seeing your doctor regularly for checkups and a discussion of your risk for diabetes is key to staying healthy.

        SCARY!! is what it is...


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          ....TYK.... WYO.... :Angel:
          Never squat naked in spurs


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