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Wanted: Personal Trainer/Motivator (volunteer)

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  • Wanted: Personal Trainer/Motivator (volunteer)

    I just can't seem to stick with my exercise (or my diet) lately.
    A personal trainer would be just the ticket.

    Any volunteers? is what it is...

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    Allright, First af all....Put down the Frybread..


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      Now... kick it towards me, and walk away slowly...
      I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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        when you find a voluteer..... I would like to have personal trainer too...just can't afford one. Was walking every morning with my sister but lately our schedules have been real "off" and we haven't been as regular with our walks.


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          Originally posted by soopashinaab View Post
          Now... kick it towards me, and walk away slowly...

          Now THAT'S a personal trainer!


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            Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post
            I just can't seem to stick with my exercise (or my diet) lately.
            A personal trainer would be just the ticket.

            Any volunteers?
            If I hadn't dumped $$$$ into my degree as a Nutrition Assistant, I'd volunteer, but I did, so I gotta get paid for this sort of work... Sorry

            For real though, when I get in a slump, I get motivated by thinking about how crappy diabetes is going to be and how I don't want it, even though its really a losing battle for me. I think about how I need to feed my Family and that usually gets my butt in gear.

            Hang in there-you can do it!

            What's that old Marines saying?

            Pain is just weakness leaving the body.
            Because of our treaty status, the distinction of being 'Cherokee' is a status of citizenship, not a racial issue.


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              Frybead IS a deadly weapon!

              Buckskinrose, we'll share the trainer!! Usually everyone loves telling me what to do. Now where are they? ;)

              Hey thanks for the advice, tsuj510! It was free, right?

              Being a Nutrition Assistant sound KEEN! I hope you're open to carbohydrate restriction which I firmly believe will curtain much diabetes. I do need to keep thinking about horrible diabetes is.

              My problem isn't that I dread the pain of working out. It's just that I'm lazy and have a hard time engaging that "butt gear".
     is what it is...


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                Diabetes is a killer, I've seen many lose limbs as well as lives to this disease. Keeping active is the biggest weapon, and avoiding all that is white!! (I know that sounds bad ) White flour, rice, sugar, bread, etc. are over processed, most of the nutritional value has been removed. Stick to whole grains, and high fiber content, and drink lots of water. As a diabetic myself, I follow these same things myself, and my hemoglobin A1C is right around 6.5! Wyo Rose PM me sometime if you want, I can help motivate you to get healthier!
                I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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                  Wyo, you still need a trainer? I can I just came out of a 1-year slump myself and I know its hard to get out of the ruts when you feel like you are in deep.

                  My slump started when I broke my foot last really did a number on my mind cuz I'd never been injured like that, especially not when I was contest dancing, plus I'd never broken a bone in my life. Then I just piled one stress on top of another with my work, buying a house and moving, a death in the family (due to diabetes BTW) personal health issues, etc.

                  What finally did it for me, what finally busted me out of my rut was when I went back to the arena that broke my foot...and I not only beat the arena, but I got first place in my category to boot. That was huge boost to the self-esteem.

                  THEN, I remember someone saying on here that they were on the "soon to be seeing the ex" Well, my thinking kind of went along those same lines...I just started thinking about what I would feel like if I ran into one of my ex's, looking and feeling the way I did...I had one ex in mind, but really no way of running into him anytime soon...but the thought of running into him at any time got me For reals! I thought about how I wanted to feel and how I wanted to look if I ever did run into him. For a year I had only been pulling my hair back in a pony tail, only wearing make-up occasionally, and had gained weight. So after that powwow, I went and got my hair did and I haven't worn it back since then, I've done it everyday and worn it down. Then, I've not gone anywhere without putting on my make-up...then I started reading that book "Mindless Eating" and then the weight started falling off...that made me want to work out more cuz I want to run a 1/2 marathon in the spring and I needed to drop weight so I can start building my mileage back up again. I've lost 16 pounds since then and dropped a clothes size. I get compliments all the time on how good I look, which also helps keep me going, but how good I feel is really the prime motivator now.

                  Its all about finding something that makes you remember how good you used to feel when you took care of yourself....and finding something that makes you want to do that again for yourself. I found an old picture of me back in the day when I was feeling really good, really skinny, etc....and I posted that where I could see it all the time to remind me that I did it once and I can do it again.

                  I also posted my training program for the 1/2 marathon in my office, but I still have build my mileage up before I can start it.

                  Now I have a formal event in DC that I have to attend for my job next Wed, and I felt really good when I went dress shopping yesterday. I can't imagine how depressing that would have been had I not lost 16 pounds.

                  Anyways, hope that helps a little.


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                    Oh my gosh!! That does help. I've been down and started putting on weight when I hurt my back THREE years ago now. And I broke my foot last year and just haven't been very active.

                    Plus yes, the stress, and family issues, and work, and my signifigant other!!! I'm back to more of an apple shape than ever!!!

                    Luckily I have a friend I work with who's trying to diet too. So we try to keep each other on track. Of course it works great during the day and during the work week, so I cheat in the evening and weekends. And there's always the excuse of someone's birthday, or a special dinner.

                    But my honey and I have done some real soul searching. We need to both get in shape and GET HEALTHY....along with some other important issues.

                    It is real depressing to go shopping and not be able to find stuff in your size or that looks good on you. When I look at my size 7 Rockies I can't believe I was wearing them 3 short years ago. And I have a closet of NEW shirts that I can't fit.

                    I'm thinking of putting full length mirrors around my house, especially on the fridge, to get the "real" picture. When I first started putting on weight years ago was when I had NO mirrors in my house.
           is what it is...


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