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Donor found for Navajo boy with rare blood disease!!!

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  • Donor found for Navajo boy with rare blood disease!!!

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    Donor found for Navajo boy with rare blood disease
    Tuesday, August 26, 2003

    A bone marrow donor has been found for Dakota Kwiecinski, a 2-year-old Navajo boy with a rare and serious blood disease.

    A stem cell match was found in a preserved umbilical cord. The cells will be transferred to Dakota's body.

    Dakota's family has been campaigning to register more Native Americans and mixed-Natives on the National Bone Marrow Registry. A blood drive will be held this weekend at the Totah Festival and a fundraiser will be held Saturday at San Juan College's Henderson Fine Arts Center.

    Get the Story:
    Match found for child (The Farmington Daily Times 8/26)

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    :Jumping: :Jumping: :Jumping: :1Party: :1Party: :1Party: :1Party:
    I am only a mixed up purebreed mutt....1/8 Cherokee, 1 drop Shoshone, 1/16 German, 1/16 Irish, a handfull of unknown, and a few parts Hillbilly, mix and shake well...


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      WOW, that's good to hear! WhooHOO!:D is what it is...


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        My heart is so relieved to receive such pleasant news for both he and his family.
        I pray that every thing works out for the little boy.

        Blessing to he and his family. :Angel2


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          Praise the Creator!
          Poetry is life in print.


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