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New Law . . . powwow regalia

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  • New Law . . . powwow regalia

    a new federal law designed to protect america's childern from foreign companies that put toxic subtances in toys is causing tremendous prblems on the powwow circuit.

    effective Feb. 10, vendors of clothing and items made for children below the age of 13 will be requiredto have them tested to make sure they do not exceed federal standards for lead and phthalates, a chemical compound.

    Once the Consumer Protective is created a stir not only within Indian Country but also throughtout America because it will affect any compny or individual who makes a living supplying clothing or other items for sale to childern.

    Congress was given good marks for caring about the welfare of children who may be harmed because of the lack of safety measures china and other countries that export toys tainted by poisonous materials.

    But congress is getting bad marks for not realizing that the law will affect many areas of commerce that have no history of such problems.

    the law requires anyone who makes something for use by a child to be able to provide proof by a third pardy that the iem contains less then 600 parts per million of lead and than 0.1 percent of certain specific phthalates. the penalty for ignoring the rule is prison time or fines of $100,000 per incident.

    testing is expensive - anywhere from $75 to $4000 per item. a lot of these tests are 'acid-based' and if you send items away for testing, the testing may destroy it.

    Janet Littlecrow, who operates Littlecrow Trading Post in Red Rock, Oklahoma . . . urges groups to get in touch with their representatives and make them aware of the problems the law is causing for small businesses in Indian Country as well as in the rest of the U.S.

    to find out more about the law and how it could affect Indian Country, go to Littlecrow's Web site

    thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...

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    go right to the top....our Vice President is heading a new task force to focus on helping middleclass america improve their standard of living.

    I, as a middleclass citizen, am greatly concerned by this new law (H.R.4040) as my kids depend on the income my work-from-home crafts business generates.

    HR4040 will effectively kill individual artists and micro-manufacturers by requiring rediculously expensive lead testing.

    Only super large manufacturers and retailers will be able to comply with HR4040

    goto the white house's website: A Strong Middle Class

    in the bottom right corner is a submission form for you to submit your ideas to the task force......BEG them to repeal or rewrite HR4040


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      thank you walela49 . . .

      thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...


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