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    Any ladies out there give birth to pre-term babies?

    My first was born at 28 weeks and weighed 2.7 pounds! Talk about a scary time!

    Anybody got stories?

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    I am not a lady but my wife gave birth to twins at 32 weeks. Abbie was in the hopsital for 13 days and Bethie for 17. Abbie got sick later and had to go back to the hospital for 4 days so they were even.

    Many in the NICU were in much more difficult situations than we were. We pray for those families often


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      My daughter was in the NICU for three months! It was horrible. Everyday was a 50/50 chance, and thank god we had more good days than bad ones.

      She's now three, and is like any normal kid. She learns at the usual normal pace. Her hearing and vision are excellent. We really lucked out through the whole ordeal.


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        The girl in the bed next to me when I had my son had her baby early. For some reason her baby had to have her tongue cut.


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          My son was born at 33 weeks at 5 pounds 13 ounces and 18 inches. Wouldnt eat for the first week. We said some prayers and now he wont stop eating. At 1 and a half he is 36 inches tall and weighes in at 35 pounds and doesnt have an ounce of fat on him

          the other day he almost knocked over a 300 pound cabinet.
          I fear hes going to be too strong for his daddy later


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            MG Danielle!!! Thats awful.... dang that would have to have totally been i guess i would have lost it if I were the mother!!! Ouch....


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              When I heard the mother talking about that I thought I was hearing things. I couldn't even imagine. Then the other mother had her boy circumsized. Poor babies. I don't believe in circumsizing.


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                Yikes.. Circumcision.. i have two sons and that idea never crossed our minds until one day we was at the pediatricians with our first son and this other couple was gettin that done to their son... my man was like "hellll noooo we are not doing that to our boys" LOL


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                  The baby boy who had that awful procedure done cried loud before, and after he was screaming so high pitched when he got his diaper changed. I felt so sorry for the little guy even though he kept me up at night.


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                    I dont believe in circumcision either. My cousin is just crazy! She finally got her son circumcized at age 3! She's horrible.

                    My daughter had to be fed thru a tube until she could start taking a bottle. I tried to keep my milk supply up but the stress of the whole thing just got the best of me. It was a truely scary time. It was our first child too. With prevention during my second pregnancy, we was able to have a full term 9.3 ounce boy.


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                      I had two premies, one was born at 28 weeks and wieghed 3.4 and the other was born at 27 weeks and wieghed 3.2. Very scary time, both were in the hospital for 6 weeks. they let me bring home one of them when he wieghed 4.5 because they said that I took just as good of care of him as they could, but when he came home, the first one was still only nine lbs. and was still getting up in the middle of the night to be was tough!! they both had full blood transfusions when they were born and they told me that they would be slower than other kids, boy were they wrong, these kids had very high IQ.s and walked sooner than the other babies their age, they also did very well in school, one is going to be a dr. and one a lawyer, so I guess they are fine. lol
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                        My sister's twins were about a month premature, but the doctors said many twins are. One had some early problems with eating, but they're both healthy, bouncing baby boys approaching their first birthday this December.

                        Gache - what, your kid gonna start weight training in preschool? Man that's huge.
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                          Yeh twins usually are born earlier. My sister had twins a month after I had my daughter, they were a month early but they were able to go home after a few days. Wow eyes.. your babies were big from the start! My daughter was only 5 lbs when I brought her home. Just the skinniest frailest thing, but she gained weight like crazy. By time she was 7 months, she was a lil chunker.

                          The more I talk to people. They say that those are the "special" kids as in, they have a special gift because more often they perform ... better... or are able to do things other kids usually can't do. My daughter has a talent for drawing already and she's only 3.

                          Ohmigosh, right before my water broke, I had a anxiety attack, I could barely breathe, my mom had to calm me down. Just from thinking about all these horrible things that could happen to my baby, one thing that scared me was brain hemorraghing... that freaked the hell outta me.

                          I still dont know why I went in to labor that early. There are so many things, it's a mystery to the doctors even.

                          After we brought my daughter home, it was mandatory that a social worker visit our house. Well, that went all good, she was talking to us saying, "it must be the water because there have been a record amount of babies born prematurely". Hmmm...


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                            Early gifts..

                            Both of my babies were 2 year old came between 5 - 6 weeks early and then the baby was about a month early from medical induction...The oldest was 5.14 and the baby was 7.6 I am afraid to have on one time too bc/ they keep getting bigger ...I may end up with a toddler at birth!! Hubby and his brother were both almost 10 pounders..scares little ole me cause I'm only like 5'3 or 5'4...
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                              I've never had a baby myself... but... I've delievered a 24-week old premie boy in the back of my ambulance. He was so small, fit into the palm of my hand, and our pediatric equipment didn't have anything small enough to work on him.

                              The last I heard was that he was still alive, and with a good prognosis... but that was 2 weeks later. And that happened last summer.
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