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    My husband died last March. And I'm still having difficulty coping. I know everyone says it takes time, its different for everyone, etc. etc. etc.

    Its been almost a year and I still feel disconnected from everything. I've lost my path, and am drifting.

    Is there anyone else out there who has been through this or is going through it? What or who helped you?

    Just trying to get a grip on things.

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    I haven't been through that. But my late ex-mother-in-law had.

    They had been married for over 50 years when he died and I spent the week with her at that time.

    If you have kids and grandkids close, throw yourself into them for a while, it sure did help her out.

    Like I said, we were all there for the week and she did really good. One of her sons worked close to where she lived and he would stop in and see her several times a week.


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      hello i feel for you and your loses ,i hope you can find your ground again. smile when you can and injoy the life you see like butterflys and trees and mountans water, deer just about anything that brings peace to you heart and each step you take will help you fine your self again,
      this is just somthing that i hope will help you becouse we dont own any of what i said just its all a free gift and you can injoy with out guilt
      Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..It's about learning to dance in the rain. for me and the wolf


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        Thank you, both. That is good advice. I will refocus my thinking and my attitude.


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          Peace and joy to you !! I became a widow on Jan 13,2008 He drove me to work on a snowy day I told him I loved him--that was the last I saw him alive---he had a heart attack when picking me up I left a wife and came home a widow --------my small advice NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED TAKE WHAT THE MAKER GIVES YOU YOU WILL SMILE AGAIN!!!! TREASURE MEMORIES BUT REMEMBER YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT DRIVE LOOKING THRU A REARVIEW MIRROR YOU HAVE TO GO FORWARD11 IT ISN'T EASY!!!!GOD KNOW'S IT'S NOT!! But The sun shinning after a blizzard is a gift hug it close to you aSK FOR HELP ACCEPT HUGS EXPECIALY FROM KIDS AND GRANDKIDS most of all look to life --you and I are still alive and we will see the sun again peace shadow
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            Thank you all for the advice. Many days are good and then a bad one comes and knocks you back 4-5 feet. You wonder what comes next and is it worth getting up. I will remember the advice to look upward more, downward less, and take all the hugs I can get.


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              You can call on me any time !!!!!!!! I'm into my second year somes days still hit me but it is easier to see the sun now peace and sunsine sister


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