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    Ok I can’t afford any gym memberships or any of the nifty new-fangled body equipment that is advertised on TV. I can barely afford a decent pair of running/ walking shoes.

    It’s hard to find time to get outdoors. Not that my immediate outdoors are worth it. I live in the city and green is hard to come by with only a few patches of city parks next to the river.

    But I’m miserable if I don’t exercise. I need to move and gets the blood flowing. I hate the sagging bloated feeling of not exercising. I can’t sleep right at night if I don’t expend some physical energy during the day.

    After much griping and searching; I found a system that works. I’ve discovered or re-discovered exercises that only use the body weight. the really basic stuff like push-ups, jumping jacks, leg lifts and body squats and added a bunch of new exercises to the classics. I guess I always kinda knew how to do these but never considered putting it all together as my workout. So far …. its worked.
    my weight stabilized and is going down. I feel better because it is challenging. it keeps my mood even and wears me out enough to sleep at night. Using just the bodyweight is tough. not just the major muscle groups but it works all the little support muscles, ligaments and challenges my sense of balance.
    take a look and see if you can use the information:

    This Farmer burns stuff can be done anywhere anytime with nothing that needs to be added or bought:
    Farmer Burns - Lessons in Wrestling & Physical Culture - Book I Lesson I
    obviously its pretty old school.

    Then there is all this body weight culture information
    With the exception of a chin up bar most of it is equipment free.
    There are some very creative solutions to using the environment (an apartment or school playground) for working out. - Free Body Weight Exercises for muscle gain, weight loss and more has some good ideas. Maybe it will be of use to any of you. The forum is free. The majority of the info is free and does not require the purchase of anything. But “white culture” being what it is…. there may still be a few members or threads trying to sell some miracle solution….. They can’t help it I suppose…..
    There is only one success; to be able to live your life in your own way.

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    oops sorry, if the bodyweightculture links don't work. I shoudl have known you have to log in as a member to see them.
    if you are intersted, consider joining. its really a good site.
    There is only one success; to be able to live your life in your own way.


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