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  • Fused Baby Teeth

    My 5 year old granddaughter just lost her front 4 lower baby teeth, except it wasn't really 4 teeth. Two of them you could see were fused and it looked like 1 wide tooth, and after falling out we saw it had 1 root.

    The other two LOOKED like 2 teeth (crooked even) but when they fell out, they came out together and are fused, too, except each has it own root.

    Two little boys that I used to babysit had fused baby teeth on one side, but their adult teeth came in just fine. My granddaughters adult teeth are coming in, but it looks like just 2 extra wide teeth are coming in. I'm after my daughter to take her to the dentist and see what is up.

    I'll find the pics I took of the teeth and post them. VERY interesting!

    Anybody else had encounters with fused teeth? is what it is...

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    Dunno i had a tooth grow in between my 2 front teeth all crooked when i was 5. Weirdness. The dentist pulled it.

    Ill ask my sissy she is a dental assitant :)


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