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  • Dry Socket.....!

    Just about 2 weeks ago I had a Wisdom tooth extracted. Back in Nov I had one removed and the process was by far less involved then this time around. I developed a dry socket this time and holay.....Dry socket is RUGGED! The pain is annoying and relentless.....Clove oil has been my salvation! I've been back to the Dentist twice to have my mouth flushed and "inspected" .....Smile.....The Dentist applies a medication called Ava gel (sp? sounds like it) this really helps.....Glad to say things are on the upswing, but dry socket is no joke.....Salt water rinses are very helpful. For years I bragged of having an immaculate mouth....Teeth, gumbs, never had a cavity, so low and behold the recent landslide.....

    Tell ya what though I've had the ole jags cleaned and polished 2x so far this year. Flossing was my major oversight, so i'm a born again flosser!

    So folks take care of those teeth.....It certainly makes a difference in your overall health and wellness.....
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    Oh boy, do I remember when I went through the same thing in my teens. Very painful where my wisdom tooth was removed. Salt water definitely worked and I swished throughly about 3 to 5 times a day. I look at my nieces and see how beautiful their smiles and teeth are and wish I'd taken better care of my dental hygiene when I was their ages. I think that's one of the reasons I had bad tonsils, also.


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      I had that when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I only developed lower wisdom teeth, nothing on the uppers, but it was still painful. I had to go back to the surgeon twice to have the sockets packed with gauze that was soaked in Lidocaine. Not fun at all.

      Glad you're on the mend!


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