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  • NO SPice For you!

    Well our new president is outlawing spiced and flavored ciggarettes (mainly in part Cloves)

    So you can kill yourself with tobacco just not tobacco that tastes sweet in your mouth

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    I get so tired of this nanny crap! I'm a little biased because I smoke, and am unrepentent about it. But, I haven't had a clove cigarette since college.

    Do I want to return to the days when people smoked in elevators, grocery stores, department stores...? No, it was nasty and oppressive to non-smokers.

    I just get tired of the whole "they're targeting children" hysteria. Everything is described as "candy-flavored." It is misleading. As are most of those "Truth" anti-smoking ads.

    Laura Bush smoked all throughout her husband's presidency; you just never saw her smoking in public, and it was not commented on.

    Part of me wishes Obama would hold a press conference with a cigarette in his hand and tell people if they didn't like the fact that he smokes, too effing bad, he's an adult and it is a legal product. Reports of him "struggling with his tobacco addiction" just make me want to wretch. He smokes, and he (apparently) is trying to quit. End of story. No embellishment needed.

    I think turning tobacco regulation over to the FDA has a huge potential to backfire. The current restrictions on advertising only work because it is a gentlemen's agreement between the tobacco companies and the government. Laws and regulations forcing these restrictions won't pass constitutional muster. Tobacco companies' commercial speech is just as protected as the milk industry's.

    There. I'm off my soapbox. At least for now!


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