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    lots of different advice from different directions, your mother if asked, should help with the tobacco part, especially if its for spiritual purposes. i would recommend visiting your tribal elders at not just pow wows, try different gatherings, different events hold different elders, sometimes you will see one or two elders at all the events, those are the ones i'd prolly approach, be sure to show respect and they should show respect in turn, if not then try a different elder. just don't go from elder to elder to get what you want to hear, sometimes we need to hear what we don't want to hear.

    in our ways, an elder is someone who shares the knowledge they have and tries to help out the future generations, others simply get old, crotchety and don't help out the future generations and do nothing to help. Josiah and tribal tags are of your descent, well half of your descent so i'd listen to them.
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      Is there an elder in your community you can get to know? That would be an easier route than trying to find one at a pow wow with spare time to talk. Look in the phone book or on the net to see if there are native community centers in your area, or a native studies faculty at local colleges/universities. I work at a university where there is an elder-in-residence who is available to talk to anyone in the community. Introduce yourself, explain that you don't know much and what you are looking to find out. Bring an appropriate gift, be courteous and respectful towards the elder. As long as you come forward in a good way, you can't go wrong.

      Personally I think some people here are being a little harsh, she is only 13. Any elder worth their salt will see that she means well and have patience and understanding with any awkward questions.


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